• Reading – A value to be nurtured

    Reading – A value to be nurtured1

    The power of imagination, the power to question, and the power to observe are the key results of reading. An ardent reader may always possess such qualities if you ever inspect them closely. And they may also be people whom you would like to spend time with due to their intense knowledge of things. People

  • Snatch your rights!

    Snatch your rights!0

    “Speak up, rise and snatch what you deserve, your rights” Ups and downs, let’s speak loud a planet where intellect is proclaimed, but, humanity is drained, life turning into a dirty mess still we species can’t rest! We shout of being democrat, insane,humanity remain a hypocrite! sprinting sprouts never popped, due to roots being chopped!

  • Relationships in College – 101

    Relationships in College – 1010

    Now that I am back in college and it has been around 3 weeks since the classes commenced, life has started to become more clear and  sunshiny. The first thing that I’ve realized so far is that there are no weekends, there are no mornings and no nights, all that remains is deadlines, group projects

  • Three Days of Catharsis by Atrayee Bhattacharya

    Three Days of Catharsis by Atrayee Bhattacharya1

    What would make you more elated than seeing talented writers publishing their books! Here’s to one such amazing author – Atrayee Bhattacharya. Congratulating on her first publish and cherishing the happiness together. Know more details about the book below: Book – Three Days Of Catharsis Genre – Fiction (Memoir) Author – Atrayee Bhattacharya Publisher –

  • Dreaming!


    “Don’t stop dreaming ,its just the beginning” Leaving behind those treacherous path, dwelling in the heavenly bath! couldn’t catch hold of the aftermath, oh! pain lies in my heart! Soon slithering switched into crawling, mighty dreams started free falling! hoped that it could be altered , alas they were already shattered!

  • A hole in the Family

    A hole in the Family0

    Do you have a sibling who tends to be dominant over you and tries to control you even if you are right? Or are you that sibling who wants to prove you’re the best while downsizing your own blood relation? Is it ego, over possessiveness, or just a pleasure while the other gets hurt? There


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