• English is a Language, not a sign of Supremacy   

    English is a Language, not a sign of Supremacy  1

    Language is the soul of human communication. Humans communicated and engraved the foundation of human connection in this living world. The dexterity of developing a wide array of languages is certainly the most attractive feather in the hat of human achievements on earth. Communication holds a huge meaning within its five syllables. In a world

  • Fit into my shoes first!!!

    Fit into my shoes first!!!0

    Your life is like an undiscovered galaxy of stars. You set sail on the voyage, discover stars and string them together like stringing pearls to make a beautiful necklace. Not all beads are equally lustrous and perfect in sheen. It’s the little imperfections which make the necklace elegant and unique. Similarly, different stars of your

  • Confiscate the caste

    Confiscate the caste0

    Life is always like a random string of moments imprisoned within a time zone. A human life is marked by an anarchic amalgamation of iridescent, gloomy, ostentatious and revolting moments. Life is undoubtedly unpredictable. Yesterday transmutes into history and tomorrow always endures to be a mystery. True. However, there is another entity about the present

  • Ignite to Feel!

    Ignite to Feel!0

    Don’t Freak, Speak and Feel! Wilderness to feel, Emotions to heal ! Hollow words to lean, Indeed, a fake dream seen! Vivid notions to ponder on, Hassle petrifying me morn to dawn! Coward’s voice cannot be align! Judge system, not divine! Speak up, if you can, Shed sweat, if u want! Die when, they loss! Live

  • Tainted Mark-sheet!!!

    Tainted Mark-sheet!!!0

    She switched on her laptop to reply to the comments posted on her blog in response to her latest story. She was dog-tired but her heart desired to see some extolling words for herself before entering the dream world. Her eyes glittered and a cute smile draped her face while her slender fingers tapped on

  • How to deal with a breakup?

    How to deal with a breakup?0

    Facing a breakup may be one of the toughest moments in life, but dealing a breakup is even tougher. It may be a divorce or a separation or a complete breakup, but it involves the rupturing of the heart. Memories begin flowing, tears being shed 24×7, eating a lot or not eating at all may


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