• Honolulu – Make it your next travel destination!

    Honolulu – Make it your next travel destination!0

    Honolulu, the name which I have heard infinite times by now but never paid attention to it until today while having a drink named the same. To those who do not know about this place, Honolulu is the capital city of an U.S. state called Hawaii. Hawaii is the most recent and the 50th state

  • Travelling to the moon and beyond!

    Travelling to the moon and beyond!0

    Travelling – Uh! Who on Earth does not like it right? When we are re-defining our horizons in every walk of life why not explore the space beyond our world. To all the moon lovers and space enthusiasts, here we got you some of the fascinating facts from our outer space! Hungry much? Let’s dive

  • A walk to remember – In Cherai!

    A walk to remember – In Cherai!0

    As Kochi is known for its port and its famous Fort Kochi beach, there is also another beach which has added to its fame. This beach is known as the Cherai beach. A beautiful beach and unlike Fort Kochi, it is much more clean. A place which is known for its vast beach and quietness.

  • Failing New Year Resolutions – Not a Big Deal!

    Failing New Year Resolutions – Not a Big Deal!0

    Guilt – the feeling just sticks to our ass all along the year because we know that we are not doing what we are supposed to do i.e. follow our New Year resolutions. You can stop being guilty my friend, because it’s completely fine to not follow your resolutions. I’m no God. My life is not

  • 5 Offbeat Travel Destinations from Delhi

    5 Offbeat Travel Destinations from Delhi0

    Living in and around Delhi –NCR has its own merits and unlike any other city in India, Delhites have a host of options when it comes to travelling. But spending money on the usual travel destination often lead to disappointment as they are expensive during holiday time and greatly crowded. But if you want your



    The previous day I went to one of my known shops to get a sanitary pad, and to be precise, Whispers. The shop keeper was a man and since I didn’t know where the pads were kept I asked him a pack. The man fidgeted around and asked his assistant to get me a pad,


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