• Priyanka turns FBI agent in Quantico

    Priyanka turns FBI agent in Quantico0

    Priyanka Chopra is all over the news again as the trailer of much-awaited American television show ‘Quantico‘ is out. Priyanka Chopra plays the role of an FBI trainee Alex Parrish.The trailer has gained a lot of appreciation several people dissented. “More than one million views in less than 12 hours “, Priyanka tweeted.’Quantico’, though featuring

  • #GoHomeIndianMedia justified?

    #GoHomeIndianMedia justified?0

    Was #GoHomeIndianMedia justified ? The Nepal government today finally declared that the situation now was within their control and that the countries could now cease their rescue operations in Nepal. The earthquake of 24th April indeed rocked the entire nation and took Nepal by storm. India gave in all that they could to help their


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