• Virginity – Virtually Nothing!!!

    Virginity – Virtually Nothing!!!0

    It was certainly a visual treat when Mehta Mansion was festooned like a newlywed. Scintillating yellow lights over an area of 10 acres made it appear like a mass of Gold on earth. The reigned gleam was more luminous than the full moon on the night sky along with the convoy of dazzling stars. The

  • A hole in the Family

    A hole in the Family0

    Do you have a sibling who tends to be dominant over you and tries to control you even if you are right? Or are you that sibling who wants to prove you’re the best while downsizing your own blood relation? Is it ego, over possessiveness, or just a pleasure while the other gets hurt? There

  • English is a Language, not a sign of Supremacy   

    English is a Language, not a sign of Supremacy  1

    Language is the soul of human communication. Humans communicated and engraved the foundation of human connection in this living world. The dexterity of developing a wide array of languages is certainly the most attractive feather in the hat of human achievements on earth. Communication holds a huge meaning within its five syllables. In a world

  • Mediocrity- A threat to growth

    Mediocrity- A threat to growth2

    A civilization remains imperishable until it encourages a constant intrinsic growth. The journey of humans in the aisle of civilization was certainly cumbersome but solace came in the form of socialization, communication and adaptation. A conglomeration of different thought processes, an amalgamation of various ideologies and a physical collaboration between different individuals provided the construct

  • Confiscate the caste

    Confiscate the caste0

    Life is always like a random string of moments imprisoned within a time zone. A human life is marked by an anarchic amalgamation of iridescent, gloomy, ostentatious and revolting moments. Life is undoubtedly unpredictable. Yesterday transmutes into history and tomorrow always endures to be a mystery. True. However, there is another entity about the present

  • Save Mother Nature, Save Thyself!

    Save Mother Nature, Save Thyself!0

    Every Tom, Dick and Harry now-a-days talks about Global Warming, Green House Effect, increased levels of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and what not? Accrediting all these to the most adverse climatic conditions we are facing today is not just enough. In spite of knowing the root causes that are threatening our Mother Nature, have you ever


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