• Politicians, Politicians Everywhere

    Politicians, Politicians Everywhere0

    The very structure of India is an amalgam of the multitude of politicians and their parties working together and competing against each other. But this level of competition among various political parties seems to be outrageous in many cases. This is because, now-a-days whenever any incident happens in India, the political parties conflict with each other

  • Love Sex (& then) Ex

    Love Sex (& then) Ex0

    Love Sex and then emanates the ‘Ex-factor’. We dwell in a social world and mingling with other humans has befallen us as a pervasive penchant to our mere existence. We grow, meet people, craft emotions and a relationship is born. If humans are considered as the showstoppers of Almighty’s creation, the brilliance behind this creation

  • A Question of Man’s Deed – The Kollam Fire Tragedy

    A Question of Man’s Deed – The Kollam Fire Tragedy0

    The Kollam fire accident is indeed an example of one of man’s inevitable dooms. It is not a question of mankind nor laws, but the question of how will the families of the 102 deceased will survive. The answer to the questions of law and tradition lay in the hands of the Travancore Devaswom Board.

  • Prestige – Earn, Nourish & Preserve

    Prestige – Earn, Nourish & Preserve0

    The naturalistic theory of survival is unprejudiced towards gender. Charles Darwin, while penning down the concept of ‘SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST’, never discriminated between masculinity and femininity. Analogously, if we take a page out of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we discover that there exists an unbiased scuffle in the human race when it comes to

  • Loser & Okay with it

    Loser & Okay with it0

    There are 69 boys and 4 girls in my engineering mechanics course. My class is filled with so many toppers, and knowing that, my self-esteem was already low. I tried studying, and was doing pretty well in the class. That made me want to study harder. The night before the exam I was so sure

  • A Liberating Truth

    A Liberating Truth0

    Tanu was drowned into her thoughts. The pelting of raindrops over the garage roof sounded akin to stones being thrown but it couldn’t garner her attention. Her eyes remained stock-still over the ornate cactus pot in the balcony.  Thorns of the cacti seemed to mimic the present situational quagmire she found herself in. Her muddled


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