“Kabali – Niruppu da” is the Talk of the town!!

“Kabali – Niruppu da” is the Talk of the town!!

Past couple of days, okay let’s call it a couple of weeks, everything around seems to have acquired a sense of euphoria which needs to be accredited to the movie Kabali. Call it as over excitement from the fans or a marketing strategy from e-commerce firms or startups or even a super-hyped publicity from the makers, Kabali has been a live wire and got millions of movie enthusiasts across the globe on their nerves.

Rajnikant, well known to the world as the Thalavia and an impossible do-er, who presence for a few frames or a mere imitation of his role is enough to publicize a movie to its peaks, let alone the inexorable publicity hype when he stars as the lead actor with a kickass look. By the trailer, it has become very obvious that he is playing the role of gangster which lets you retrospect to the times of Basha!kabali

As the movie has already been released in the U.S and the reviews being not really as expected, one needs to definitely watch the movie and then judge it. In the meanwhile, here are some quirky tweets on Kabali to chuckle you up.

What level of magnanimity should a company hold to not just provide a day-off but also serve its employees with the movie tickets of Kabali?

Not just by booking a ticket, now-a-days you can win tickets as you eat. Yes, Swiggy made it happen

How fortunate should you be, if your car number ends up to be KABALI, as in KA 8 AL 1?

Is it only me who thinks that Murali Vijay intentionally head out to pavillion as he could not resist to watch Kabali?

Parents not just let their hereditary pass on to their kids, they transfer their love and adulation too? Look at the SWAG the kid is carrying when Thalavia is upon…

Not just apps and firms, Kabali mania has spread to E-commerce sites and rest of the internet

Image Courtesy: Twitter.com

Lavanya Tatikonda

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