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The Poltergiest

Poltergeist being a horror movie doesn't live up to the expectations. Not advisable to the fans of original Poltergeist. Feels similar to Insidious and traditional horror movies

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Poltergeist – the Hollywood horror flick of May.

Being a remake of Poltergeist’82, this one did not stand a chance to beat the classic. It is already known that remaking classics would eventually end up being disastrous and this one is an epitome for such.

Even for someone who hasn’t watched the original Poltergeist, or not a fan of it, this movie would be equally disappointing to those who do. Personally, for someone like me who is not a huge fan of horror movies but definitely don’t miss to watch a scary one, this movie is not a nightmare giver. Believe me, there is not a single scene which can give you goosebumps or make your heart race or thump and keep you dumbstruck for the forthcoming scene. Most of the scenes can be psyched out, in one way or the other. There are few scenes which make you literally yell “Oh man! That’s GROSS” instead of putting a horrified face.

The conscience of a horror movie lies in the soundtrack and visual effects, though Poltergeist is in 3D it could not intensify the strength of the movie much. Coming to the story, which begins on similar lines to any horror movie – The Bowen Couple(Eric and Amy) with their 3 kids(Kendra, Griffin and Madison) moves into a new house in a quiet surroundings, without a great deal of knowledge about the house. Since Mr.Bowen was laid off, they couldn’t afford anything better and this house fits in their price range. The story line is justified.  They begin to hear strange noises from the walls… as always, it starts the kids. Maddy being the youngest discovers a closet whose door knob has electric/magnetic power to  raise ones hair up when touched. She shows it to griffin who gets initially scared but later finds it funny.

On that night, Kendra was watching a haunted house show hosted by Carrigan Burke; Eric and Amy were having their private time. Griffin suddenly cries out from his room as he discovers a box full of clowns each of them making weird sounds and staring at him. This is the clown which was featured in almost all the trailers and ads, which went so flat in the movie. Eric doesn’t take Griffin’s words seriously and so does the family. Griffin then refuses to go to his room and sleeps with Eric and Amy. Suddenly in the middle of the night he hears Maddy talking to someone. He walks out of the room and to his horror he finds Maddy communicating to someone through the TV. When she places her hand on the TV screen, there comes a hand on the other side of the TV which is a bit of scare(But.. Blah, when compared to  the original scene). Then she turns around and tells her family ‘They’re here”


The following night, Eric and Amy goes to a party in the neighborhood leaving the kids with Kendra. This is when the Poltergeist unleashes and shows its colors to three of them. Begins with interrupting Kendra’s phone display and making weird noises. It takes her into the store room where a hand comes from underground with gross black fluid and locks her leg. An entire branch falls into Griffin’s room and the clowns making weird sounds again, Griffin somehow manages to escape from his room. He finds Maddy sitting in one corner of her room and quietly staring  at the creepy closet. Instead of getting Maddy out of her room, Griffin runs out to Kendra and gets caught by the monstrous tree. Meanwhile, the closet doors open and Maddy is taken into the dark.

By the time Bowen’s reach home, they see Griffin being struck to a tree and save him. Kendra comes running, blabbering and crying tells that she couldn’t find Maddy. Yes, the poltergeists took her. The rest of the story is how the family tries their best even at the cost of their lives to get Maddy back. They goes to the department of para normal activity who comes to help the family. Most of the scary parts are associated with the closet, but the thread that’s missing is the other dimension to which Maddy was taken. To their rescue comes Carrigan Burke – the ghost buster who rescues to save this family from the clutch of Poltergeists.

There was enough of drama, Maddy responding to Amy’s voice, Griffin taking the blame on him that he should not have let Maddy alone and takes the risk to go into the closet to bring Maddy back. Emotionally well balanced, the actors justified their characters but the horror part being replaced by creepy gross shit is the biggest setback to this remake of Poltergeist.!

Lavanya Tatikonda

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