Why is this generation moving away from traditional names?

Why is this generation moving away from traditional names?

A name gives identity- be it a person or thing or place. Non-living things have default names. When it comes to a person or place, we have the liberty to choose from a galaxy of names. In India, we broadly classify names into two types

  1. Traditional
  2. Modern alias western

Indian names have evolved a lot after independence. Stark contrast between the two generation names can be keenly observed. Short contemporary names are preferred to traditional names. Some of the primary reasons are enumerated below.

  1. Traditional names are hard to spell and pronounce

In modern era where we travel to different places, we don’t have time to explain how our name is uttered. As we grow up, it puts us off on a daily basis. We expect our names to be correctly called and that is one of the major problems with big traditional names.

  1. They make fun of traditional names

These names stand out and that’s an advantage. But in each group chat, the meaning of the name is researched and mocked. They deliberately say it wrong for fun. Though some names manage to escape, most of them are ridiculed.
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3. We befuddle the difference between modern and western
Modern names started to come from 1990s.  Old fashioned/traditional names were either shortened or re-modelled resulting in easier names. Still, these names stood as derivations of traditional names containing roots of our origin. But western influence replaced modern names with western names. Modern names were called traditional. Now, names having far-away origin are kept. It’s not bad but there must be a reason behind it. We must not be follow-the-trend type as name forms an integral part of life.

  1. Myth that traditional-named people are not modern

There is a common misconception that people having traditional names lead a traditional, unsuccessful life. This view is dominant even when it comes to a place’s name. We believe that places with western names are sophisticated and traditional-named places are not up-to-date. This illusion must be cleared off.

Naming is one’s own choice and cannot be compelled. At the same time, name tells us our lineage. We rarely see any foreigner keeping an Indian name. Though we have stylish Indian names, we have begun to go towards a top-to-toe western lifestyle. Hope this changes…

Swaathishree K S

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