We are Tolerant! But then, there are some of us…

We are Tolerant! But then, there are some of us…
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After reading so much about the recent brawl pertaining to the rising level of intolerance in India, I decided to build a list of things that I am intolerant to. So here it goes:

I am intolerant to all the duck face photos
What the hell are you trying to show? The extent to which your stretchable lips can elongate? I think all the ducks should file a petition or protest against such disrespect.

I am intolerant to the new CARTOON NETWORK
Oh God! where are those cartoons with whom I spent my entire childhood? My Mojo Jojo, my Dexter and my Popeye. We should keep a memorial day to remember these CHILD ICONS. I am also repulsed by the new “CN” logo, I mean why so much hostility? How will our new generation understand the importance of complete spellings. It is an insult to the English language. In my opinion bringing back the legendary name should be on the President’s to-do-reforms list.

I am intolerant to all the college drop-outs and startup owners who now own billion dollar companies
YOU STOLE MY IDEA B****!!! 🙁 I thought of the same thing during my “Me Time” in the rest-room. Give me my rightly deserved shares in the company! PRETTY PLEASE 😛

I am intolerant to all the “SALE” advertisements
My empty bank account feels intolerant. It is so humiliating. It feels as if they are shouting “In your face, you POOR road dwellers”

I am intolerant to all the spit & garbage that sleeps peacefully on the roads & rivers of the country. Why don’t we clean that first before we start polluting the minds of innocents against this so called “Intolerance”

I am intolerant to everybody politicizing intolerance. We tolerate your melodrama in the Parliament, your misuse of our hard earned money and your petty fights over religion. We should be intolerant to that!

If I can handle so much drama and still love my country and my fellow citizens, I am tolerant. If I can welcome a lost homeless into my home and care about his/her existence, I am tolerant. If I can listen to your “never going to happen” election agendas and still elect you because of the lack of a better choice, I am tolerant.

What they call intolerance is basically the in-human behavior expressed by a small group of people who have lost their way. It now becomes our duty to set aside our differences and bring our fellow creations of God back on the right track. We need to give birth to a wave of tolerance because I believe WE ALL ARE TOLERANT!

Bhoomika Gupta

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