What should you gift your sweetheart?

What should you gift your sweetheart?

I have been in a relationship for more than 5 years now. This means I have been a part of 5 of his birthdays, 5 commitment anniversaries, 5 first make-out anniversaries, 5 “I saw you for the first time” anniversaries and many more such celebratory events. The main part of all these episodes is the exchange of gifts between both of us. In the beginning it is very easy to select a gift which can be anything amongst cards, perfumes, couple key chains etc. But with each passing year and with an aim to give something unique each time, it becomes really difficult to decide what to gift in the next celebration. This turns even more challenging when your boyfriend is very competitive when it comes to “who gave the best gift” contest. This is when creativity kicks in and with that artistry in mind I have a few tips for all the gift hungry couples which will help them create a genius piece of art for their sweetheart:

A pair of dice with multiple gift options: Sometimes even your partner doesn’t know what he/she wants. In such a case you can use this exciting option. On one dice put the names of articles he/she might want and on the other put the color options. Now ask him/her to roll the dice and et voila you have the gift. If the result is not satisfactory you can roll it again, this will direct you towards your actual desire. You can even use other funny/kinky options depending on the nature of your relationship.


Love Calendar: Design a funky/romantic calendar where each month has important dates circled out. These dates could be anything from your first date to the first time you fated in front of each other. On the month pages where no relevant event occurred, you can simply write “Time to create more memories here” <3 This present has 2 benefits. Firstly, your partner will never ever forget the essential dates again and secondly, you’ll get to revisit the wonderful moments of your times together.


Autograph of his/her role model: Get your partner an original item related to his/her role model. If there are monetary issues, you can simply gift him/her a fake and if he/she really loves you, he/she will understand the beautiful gesture and accept the gift with utmost love and happiness. 😀

Pocket photo book: Take all the 52 cards of a deck. On each card paste a photo of his/her, your couple pictures or snapshots of memories which are very important to him/her. You can also write his/her favorite quotes on some of the cards. Get these cards spiral bound. If you’re gifting it to your girlfriend, keep the Queen of <3 as the cover card and if you are gifting it to your boyfriend keep the King of <3 as the cover card. In any case keep the Ace of <3  as the last card, thereby ending with a note “You ACED my HEART!!!”


Record a song: What can be more touching than your hero/heroine singing a song for you and only you. So, record a song in your own voice for your Romeo/Juliet. If you can play an instrument along with singing, it will be a perfect add-on. It can be a copy of some favorite romantic song of your companion or if your are extremely talented, you can write a few touching lines from your heart for your heart. Oh! I love you like a love song babe… 😀

Wish cards: It’s time to turn into a genie for your partner and gift him/her a pack of wish cards. These cards will act like gift vouchers which can be used to get what is mentioned on the card*. The cards can have options like – kiss me now, 10 hugs today, romantic bubble bath together, spa day etc. (* Play a little hard to get. Keep a condition that only one card can be used per day. In order to utilize multiple cards, your partner will need to pay a penalty. Be innovative in deciding penalties. 😀 )

You can think of even more fun ideas and use them to express your unending love and devotion for your soul mate. Make sure that whatever you do brings a smile on his/her face. It should add an extra beat to his/her heart, the heartbeat which signifies your true love for each other. Remember, no matter what gifts you give “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things but it never fails


Bhoomika Gupta

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