Kochi’s best restaurants listed – ‘The’ guide for foodies!

Kochi’s best restaurants listed – ‘The’ guide for foodies!

As the various parts of the world meet here, and as the love for food grows, Kochi has become a hub for food and travel. Foodies need not travel any more, out of this happening city as many food outlets open every day. A bite can take you to different countries at the same time and bring a twist to your taste as you try out the varieties.

If you are in love with food, here are some of the Kochi’s best restaurants I recommend as a foodie –
1. Garam Masala 
The best restaurant so far I have known in Kochi! The unique ambiance, the dim lights, the hospitality, the cleanliness, the food – are some of the things that you look in a restaurant, and this is where you get all of them. Garam Masala is a family restaurant that provides you some of the best north Indian food, be it vegetarian or non -vegetarian.
If it is a twist in spices that you are craving for- this is the right spot! Some of their special items are ‘Chicken Lababdar’ (a chicken curry which is really spicy and is made out of loads of butter and some milk), ‘Hariyali Chicken’ (once again a chicken curry, made out of palak) and Kadai Paneer. Chicken Lababdar tops the list and also one of my favorites. A great way of trying ‘Chicken Lababdar’ is with Cheese Kulcha where the cheese oozes out and gets mixed with the spicy gravy of the Chicken and the softness of the Kulcha makes you reach the edges of heaven.
Another best part of this place is that you get a variety of Indian breads, one of the few restaurants in Kochi where you get Kulchas and that too in different flavors like cheese, stuffed, butter etc. Although not many but few, the deserts are really mesmerizing especially the fried ice-cream.
Garam Masala also has a Chinese restaurant next to it which is ‘Chopstix’ and is situated in Palarivattom behind Baskin Robbins.

2. Chopstix 
Now this is a complete different from ‘Garam Masala’ where the taste travels all the way from India to China. To begin with, the whole setting of the restaurant is obviously in a Chinese theme where you find red and golden lanterns hanging around and also the furniture and walls are of a red theme like any other Chinese restaurant. But something which is quite different from the rest, is the food you get to gorge on.
One of the best dishes that I have tried is the ‘Vermicelli Noodles’. As the name suggests it is noodles made out of Vermicelli. It may give you an awkward taste in the mouth when you think of it, but it definitely is the topper in the menu.
Sweet while eating but leaves a mild spice towards the end. It is available in both vegetarian as well as in non-veg, i.e , chicken. Some of the best places for a date as it has a quite atmosphere and also a place for a peaceful time with friends and family.

3. Cocoa Tree 
If you are a lover of Italian cuisine, if you are into cheese, creamy sauces and pasta then this is ‘the spot’. A crowded yet dim ambience, a great spot to hang around with your friends. A menu which can confuse you as to decide on what to order.
They provide you with great starters, pasta, lasagna and what not. It is especially known for its pasta and personally I feel, the best pasta in Cochin. Here they also provide a unique flavor of pasta – pasta in basil cream sauce, in addition to all the other flavors.
It appears green in colour, topped with almond pieces. Creamy effect with a mild minty sweetness. Cocoa Tree also provides a wide variety of juices that can make you go merry.

4. Egg Stop
This is the right spot for all the egg lovers out there! An innovative theme where egg is the hero of any dish. To begin with the ambiance, you will find a lot of yellowness around you – yellow furniture, yellow walls, yellow plates and what not.
Egg Stop is a very good spot for a quick breakfast or brunch. Whatever can be made out of an egg is available there. Egg sandwiches, omelets, katti rolls and many more.
It not just fills your tummy, but also your heart due to the meal you get in a low budget. A good place to know your love for eggs and to quench your thirst for various flavors out of it. Egg Stop is situated in airport road, Kaloor, and High Court.

5. Haji Ali
The right place for veggie lovers and the right spot for people who desire for various flavors of juices to pop in their mouths. The setting that they intend to show is a world of veggies and fruits through the stickers of fruits and sandwiches displayed on the walls. This is also a place for people who love cheese, as apart from all the vegetables, Haji Ali uses a lot of mozzarella cheese in their sandwiches and rolls.
One of the menu toppers is the Haji Ali Special sandwich where a lot of mint, cheese, mushroom and paneer comes in to the scenario. A glass of one of their juices with a sandwich or a roll can complete your meal. Some of the other specialities of Haji Ali is that this is one of the very few places in Kochi where you find all sorts of juices made out of all the wild fruits you find in India.
A great place to hang out with your close ones; be it your family, friends or even someone special. The food is really heavy and gives you a long lasting taste in your mouth. Haji Ali is situated in various parts of Kochi including Edapally, Palarivattom and Ravipuram.

6. Saravana Bhavan
Best of the best for South-Indian cuisines! A great spot for any meal of the day. They are most famous for their dosas and especially the ‘Masala Dosa’.
They provide not just south-indian cuisine but also North-Indian and the ‘chaat corner’. Saravana is a place where the authentic flavors of Tamil Nadu comes to your senses. Saravana is situated in High court in Kochi and is situated in various parts of South-India and also overseas in other Asian countries.

7. BBQ
Are you craving for some Turkish food? Then you better head to BBQ without waiting any second longer. A great spot for a Turkish ‘shawarma’ and a lime mojito, if you are looking for a quick heavy meal.
The entire ambiance is filled up with a red theme indicating heat and flavor, which is exactly what they present on your platter. Apart from ‘shawarmas’, they also have burgers, rolls, Turkish rice etc. BBQ is situated in Pallimukku and Palarivattom.

8. Waffle Street
The only place in Kochi where you get waffles and that too really good ones. Waffle Street is started by Asif Ali, a renowned actor in the Malayalam film industry. Various flavours of waffles are available, ranging from sweet to savouries.
One of the chart topper is the chocolate waffle where the chocolate actually oozes out with each slice. Apart from waffles there are many other starters such as fries, wedges and many more along with various cold and hot beverages. Waffle Street is situated in Panampilly Nagar.

9. French Toast
French toast as the name suggests, is the right spot for some French delicacies. A homely ambience with a yellow and white theme. The main dish is, as the name suggests once again is the ‘french toast’.
Various types of French toasts are available where the ‘classic French toast’ is the topper of the menu.
imageThe French toasts range from sweet to savouries and it is the only place in Kochi which gives you the best ‘hot chocolate’. Apart from the toasts, we get sandwiches, drinks, quiches etc.: French Toast is situated in Panampilly Nagar and Kathrikadavu.

10. Donut Factory
After a great meal, don’t you think it is time for a nice dessert? If you are in love with donuts, then this is the world you are looking for. Donut factory is this world which gives you a variety a creamy donuts melting in your mouth with every bite.
Grab a donut and a slush, you have a perfect meal or snack. A heavy yummy meal in just 100 bucks(provided you don’t crave for more). Donut factory is situated Kalamassery, Lulu mall and Panampilly Nagar.

Do visit these places with your loved ones or even by yourself. If you are a foodie, then you definitely have to explore!
Eat well, stay healthy!

Neeta Vijaykumar

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