Down in the dumps : Depression is a reality

Down in the dumps : Depression is a reality

“Depression” this term has been doing the rounds as of lately but still many people are oblivious to what this is. Is this some sort of a disease ? Is it curable? Is it communicable? Questions like these continue to haunt people due to the inadequate knowledge about this condition. So lets dig a little deeper.

What exactly is depression?
It is a state of low mood which has a tendency to affect a person’s thoughts, behaviour and general well-being. The general symptoms are a constant feeling of dejection , feeling worthless , losing interest in activities one used to enjoy previously , suicidal tendencies , insomnia , change in appetite (overeating or eating lesser than usual) etc.

There are a number of reasons due to which a person may get caught in the clasp of depression some of them being :

> Experiencing a traumatic event like losing a loved one or witnessing a horrific crime etc.

> A lot of minors who are sexually abused or belong to broken homes tend to turn into depressed adults.

> If a person doesn’t find a right way to vent his feelings , his frustration etc then one is likely to end up depressed.

> Sometimes undergoing some type of medical procedure or suffering from a prolonged illness can leave a person feeling hapless and depressed.

> Depression is a non communicable condition i.e it affects only the person who is suffering from it. It does not pass on to others.

It usually does not need much medical attention. In most cases depression lasts for a period of say 2-3 weeks or a month after some disturbing event takes place. For cases that last longer than that and usually turn into a mood disorder, seeking medical attention might be the best option. There are a good number of psychiatrist that can be consulted for such problems. Talking to a therapist or a psychiatrist can play a pivotal role in assessment and subsequent curing of the problem . In most cases talking to someone , discussing the problems is therapeutic. In other severe cases doctors prescribe medicines. Also a depressed person needs more care and attention than a perfectly healthy counterpart. The person should be provided a happy environment so that he is able to recover faster.

Depression is a mental condition but should not be viewed as a taboo. It is more common in today’s world where competition level is high and stress levels are soaring. It can be cured by using medical help and right amount of care.

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