Reading – A value to be nurtured

Reading – A value to be nurtured
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The power of imagination, the power to question, and the power to observe are the key results of reading. An ardent reader may always possess such qualities if you ever inspect them closely. And they may also be people whom you would like to spend time with due to their intense knowledge of things.

People with a lack of reading interest, are most of the time witnessed as less interesting people among the present competitive world. But there are a few worthy ones who may possess knowledge on many things through observation, travel, experiencing and most importantly, researching on random topics on the internet. So why is reading exactly a good value? The book a person reads can always define him/ her. It depends on the genre of the book you read. But there are also people who read under several genres, and such people possess an interest and knowledge on many possible topics.

Books can always be our best friend just like dogs. It enables us to witness and experience many things which we may never see or feel in our life. It also helps us to grasp a vast variety of knowledge about many things. Even if it may be a simple story or a novel, an encyclopedia or a thesis, words are always a source of information. The more we read the more our knowledge repository expands. Apart from this, reading helps aspiring writers or journalists to improve their writing skills. This is because reading also helps us encounter with new words and spellings, therefore enriching our vocabulary. It is always good that even students inculcate a reading habit because the more they read, the brighter they become when it comes to academics. It is always good to start giving books to your children at a very young age no matter how lazy they are or how hyper.

There are also people who want to develop a reading character but do not have the interest or they do not feel motivated. For such people, slowly start reading Chetan Bhagat, Durjoy Dutta or even Goosebumps. There is nothing to be ashamed of reading such books because eventually, you will grow out of it. Once you start reading, you will slowly increase the number of pages you read. Initially, you may be tired after reading just one page but always try to finish a small chapter or at least 6-9 pages. But once you get engrossed in the story, you will not realize how time flies by.

And hence it is proven as a great time killer!!! Reading is a character to be nourished and you will never regret it, so start reading right now if you are not quite a reader. A few must read authors are Patrick Ness, Agatha Christie, Dan Brown and many more.

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Neeta Vijaykumar
  • Atrayee Bhattacharya

    Reading is certainly a habit to be nourished. Good article indeed. However, the statement made regarding few authors has a very negative connotation.

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