10 things only a “Dilliwala” can understand!!

10 things only a “Dilliwala” can understand!!

1. Mouth-watering and diverse street food
Chutney samosa and Jalebi ,cholle kulche ,momos,gol-gappa,rajma chawal,aloo paratha,kathi ,kabab,kulfi,faluda and the list goes on. There is no place on Earth which will provide you the variety of delicious street food which Delhi provides. It is simply a heaven for foodies and light on the pockets too.


Delhi is a heaven for foodies!

2. Delhi Metro – Enough said!
The safe and secure Delhi Metro has been judged the world’s second best . No wonder Dilliwale like to brag about it in other cities.

The ever reliable Delhi Metro.

3. Erratic Weather
Summers are too hot and winters are bitterly cold. The power-cuts during summer are gruelling and winters are too chilly for a walk. Dilliwale always like complain about the weather.

Its freezing in Delhi during winters!

4. Bargaining
It is said that you are not a true Dilliwala unless you have bargained for the little extra in everything .Ranging from free dhaniya and Mirchi with 1 kg of tomatoes or reduction of the last rupee of the stylish jeans in Sarojini,we love to haggle till both the parties are satisfied.

Delhites love to bargain!

5. Architectural Wonders
Dilli is famous for its historic architectural wonders. It attracts a large audience all over the globe. Places like Akshardham, India Gate, Humayuns Tomb,Qutb Minar and Jama Masjid attract many tourists.

Delhi has amazing architectural wonders!

6. The Dilli Language
If you haven’t used words like Kebab-Shabab, uncle-wuncle, daaru-shaaru , jugaad ,”senti na ho yaar”, or even Koi-Nahi (Dilliwala version of ‘no problem’ or ‘it’s okay’),you are not a true Dilliwala at heart. And yes, we abuse our heart out.

7. Protests ,protests and protests
Dilliwale always turn up in large numbers for any sort of protest. Since it is the political hub of the country, there will always be some sort of protest or the other at Jantar Mantar or even in the plain road.If you have ever lived in Delhi,you must have been a part of at least one protest during your stay.

8. Agonizing Traffic Jams
Statistics reveal that an average Dilliwala spends about one hour a day in traffic jams.We also contribute to noise pollution by honking till the horn of the car gets broken.

9. Brands and Sarojini Nagar
Only Dilliwale can understand what it’s like to shop your heart out in Sarojini Nagar or Janpath.

10. Weddings like no other
When a Dilli family celebrates a wedding,it is like the whole world is celebrating with them.

Yeh Dilli hain mere yaar!! Bas Ishq Mohabbath Pyaar!!!

Keep singing and falling in love living in this city!

Arpit Mishra

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