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Every place has a story, or a thousand stories, Findery brings places to life, be they where you stand or where you hope to goHari govind

Findery is all about sharing your personal travel adventures,your favorite places,favorite restaurants etc.

It’s basic idea is to make a travel guide for a tourist without one’s knowledge.The App is designed in such a way that the app makes you feel honored and treats you as a valuable person.

The basic working principle of the app is to take a snap of a place and post it with your experience in that place and it’s specialty.It’s more of showing  and saying to others that “you go to check this place out “.
This also works as a travel guide because when the user opens up the app on new spot,It shows what are the interesting places you got to visit out in this area.Those places are not posted by the Findery’s tech, they are posted by the public using the same app.findery

There is an option of developing a “NOTEMAP”,where a person can create a typical road map of the great places in a town.This all possible with the help of GPS,where it shows the exact location of the places  from your current position.There is another option of posting a private note which is shared  only with your members and friends.
The app also allows you to post videos,the app acts like a trip advisor, twitter but the experiences about the places  posted is from the public,sharing their treasured moments, historical places, Goto places etc. The App’s working platform uses the help of the GPS,which makes the app beautiful and easy to work on.


The beauty of the Findery is the notes itself which are posted from Mt.Everest to Antarctica by people like you and me and sharing with us with their intimate experience with that place.We can comment on these photos,inquire about the place with the user who posted the photo.The findery also makes your note as featured if it’s extraordinary. Thus the app acts as a tourist guide for other users and it also makes you a tourist guide.

The app  gives you something that is given by millions of social sites but this is something where everything is made by public for the public. The app is filled with several experiences from people all across the world. The app is sort of your dairy but you can share it with rest of us.

Findery’s Foundation


Findery is founded by Caterina Fake,widely known as the co-founder of Flickr,the app was under testing in Australia where it was run on a different name called as Pin wheel.Later the App was introduced in the iOS platform under a new name known as Findery. The Findery’s team is small one working out in a loft in California and they are looking to expand their team as they progress through the years. The App’s is being launched only iOS and android version is soon to be expected from the App developers.

Every place has a story, or a thousand stories, Findery brings places to life, be they where you stand or where you hope to go

Fake explains her vision of the app’s future.Fake is known for her innovative skill and optimistic mind.According to tech geeks,Findery is an innovative start-up app done by Fake in this fast driven tech world. It’s more than a travel guide. Try Findery today

Hari govind

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