Vacation – The urgent break for this month

Vacation – The urgent break for this month

A light conversation, an ear for music, an eye for movies or sitcoms are light moments we all crave for at some point on  our Mondays. To some of us, it is nothing more than unrequited business but to most of the current generation folks, these are more than just sources of entertainment that everyone look for in their non-busy times. With Christmas round the corner, here are the list of 8 things you can do on the vacation rather than participating in much discussed intolerance and odd-even debates with close ones –

1. Hang out with friends
With the month coming to an end , this can be the best the best time to reconnect with school , college and even people you connected with  during  your years of learning and unlearning. This will help you understand yourself better both professionally and personally


2. Involve yourself in creative field
With work going up with every hour, creative indulges in writing, photography, teaching,          designing and singing can boost your energy levels in impeccably better way .

3.Associate yourself with social causes
This is not alternative for the point mentioned above. This includes part-time interning with non -profit organization involving the poor, orphan children and those in need to make their lives better. Indeed it sounds boring to spend winter holidays. It has a side to give you an edge over other employees in human resource management and team pro bono projects.

4.Initiate your start-up dream
If you are looking forward to set up a startup , this can be one of your best initiatives to get involved with your most trusted allies.  Aren’t long term investments best assured way to future ?Then why not with best talents in friend circle.

5. Visit to your favorite destinations
With the year ending , the refreshing vacation on great package offers on can fund your trip on a even if you are running low on bank account.

This is not Zumba, Aerobics or any other logically productive workout sessions your pears may suggest , but this is an opportunity to explore your long – neglected  talent. Also, this can be rewarding if you wish to take care off your body clubbed with creativity.

There is a thin line  between laziness and meditation. Even if our dictionaries use clearly different set of words for reference , for starters , it  is a trap. Advise is to devote only 15 minutes to meditation in  a definite set of position without any movement. The key to feel a good change from daily routine.

8.Watch Sitcoms
Suits, Daredevils, Breaking Bad, Wicked City  and the list goes on. With  new year on starting on verge, the power of sitcoms on your colleagues, this approach can help be creative all over again.

So, I hope I helped enough to plan your vacation. What are you waiting for? Call your friends and family, grab a list of preferred activities and give your resolution debate a rest. This is me wishing you a loads of Christmas cakes, secret Santa presents and never-ending laughter this Christmas.
Hasta La Vista folks!

Shilpy Sharan

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