How to Get Rich by selling your waste ?

How to Get Rich by selling your waste ?

Everybody wants to get rich by some means… So they try every untouched ways to gain wealth with their sense of confidence and belief. But only 10 percent of them succeed in life,the rest doesn’t get their expectations fulfilled. This is because you got to take an educated, well planned path to success, now the best path to gain wealth in India is by selling your things.This may seem unrealistic but it isn’t.

“Selling your Idle assets “


(Idle assets definition : this term can apply to any asset that is not being put to productive use. Being idle is usually an undesirable situation, since there is an opportunity cost of not earning returns on the idle asset.)

The next Silicon valley boom will be in India within the next four years ,that would be the best time frame to make investments in various sectors in India. So now would be the apt time to start liquidating your idle assets and close the huge debts and personal liabilities, not the smaller ones which can be managed with your present financial income. This method of using your idle assets would be advised for the people at the age of 60 and above. This may not make you rich but it will never make you poor and that is considered to be rich for old people in the present financial society. For others who have idle assets must look for a long term profitable investments in the upcoming year.

The important issue is that “which are the idle assets to be retained and which one are to be sold ?”.The most important idle assets is your unused ancestral gold reserve, the way the market is moving now there would not be big price hike in the Gold market for the next few years.

The next idle assets would be your land property, if the land is in the outskirts of a metropolitan cities, it’s recommended  to hold those properties for some time. There is quiet big fat chance that there would be developments on the outer circle of the metro cities as the cities are crowded as it now. For example, Bangalore’s Whitefield was said to be dead investment few years back but now it’s the best place to buy land according to the Business analysts.

The properties on your native lands are highly recommended to be sold as there will not be a much of appreciation in those area for the next ten years. Liquidating those assets with a least margin of profit is also acceptable. The last type of idle asset would be cash which is the important idle asset to be invested any time on a wide range with an open mind expecting returns on a broader horizon.


There is another asset which can be considered as an idle asset for young investors with no commitments and financial issues and that idle asset would be  Mutual funds which would also be considered as an idle assets for the investors at the age of 20 to 35.

These are the idle assets which are to be sold at the present time and invest the money in various sectors like healthcare markets, infrastructure markets, agricultural markets, software industries etc. The most important thing about selling idle assets would be, don’t expect huge return in short span of time to compensate your idle asset’s value.

This article might look rubbish from one’s perspective,but this is the easiest way to be rich by selling your crap which might not look like a crap for you but it is. This article is not based on single person’s vision,this is the vision of the elite business class of India. You might read many more articles on


Hari govind

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