Feminism vs. Feminazism

Feminism vs. Feminazism

Being a woman, and most importantly being a strong feminist, I have heard quite a lot of remarks against me. People rebuke me stating I am being a ‘feminazi’ when they actually don’t realize they are not hearing themselves. They also do not realize the fact that they do not comprehend the difference between a ‘feminist’ and a ‘feminazi’.
Well, as the world keeps changing drastically, in many areas such as technology, government, commerce etc. attitudes also change severely. People tend to be so judgmental that they fail to interpret the exact meanings of the words they use. Similarly is the case when a person criticizes you for being a feminist. They throw the word ‘feminazi’ onto your face that you are left speechless and don’t know what you have to say. But the truth is, it is this very people who do not know what a ‘feminazi’ is. In fact, it is just a term which got quite popular after Rush Limbaugh, a famous radio talk-show host used it in the early 1990’s.

First and foremost, it is the difference between a ‘feminist’ and a ‘feminazi’ that has to be fathomed. According to the internet, ‘Feminism is a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal; to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women.’ This implies seeking to bring about equal opportunities for women in education, employment and her social life. Now a feminist is ‘someone who advocates social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men.’ Here the point to be noted is that, a feminist just wants every woman to be EQUAL to men and NOT superior to them. And feminism is not synonymous to man-hating. People tend to underestimate feminists and their ideologies by tagging them as feminazis which is not right. A feminist is completely different from a feminazi by all means. Feminazis are very rare to find and is something more extreme compared to a feminist.
Rush Limbaugh himself has said that a ‘Feminazi is a woman to whom the most important thing in life is seeing to it that as many abortions as possible are performed.’

They believe that they become inferior once they carry a life in their womb which depicts their relation with a man. They believe that a foetus is just a tissue mass that is meant to be discarded to get their status. This concept is completely dissimilar from the term ‘feminism’. Limbaugh has also stated that ‘it is not true, as some say, that all feminists are feminazis’. The latter, feminazis just believe in abortions as a sacrament for their status; they believe that they want to be more superior compared to a man or in other words the boss; they also go mad at women who want to give birth or who are happy to be pregnant. Basically, abortion is their key to success and freedom. On the other hand, we feminists, are people who are just looking for the equal freedom, equal opportunities and equal respect.119203342_orig_0

All we ask is to look at us as humans and not as whatever you think us as.
Personally, I believe people who are sexists are the ones who cannot accept what feminists demand and try to do. They just hear the term ‘feminazi’ being a trend and so they use it to downsize feminists and it can also be that even if they do understand what a feminazi is, they tend to show that they do not know what it is and think that the person before them is an idiot while they themselves are. So feminists, continue what you are doing which is great while the people who think feminists are “feminazis”, think twice before what you term them as!feminist-feminazi1-500x433

Neeta Vijaykumar

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