• For the foodie in you!

    For the foodie in you!0

    Who is a foodie? Now many of you may answer this question and the answer may vary from person to person. But the most common answer to this question is that a person who eats a lot is a foodie. And the truth is, it is not true. Now a foodie is obviously somebody who

  • Kochi’s best restaurants listed – ‘The’ guide for foodies!

    Kochi’s best restaurants listed – ‘The’ guide for foodies!0

    As the various parts of the world meet here, and as the love for food grows, Kochi has become a hub for food and travel. Foodies need not travel any more, out of this happening city as many food outlets open every day. A bite can take you to different countries at the same time

  • Art of cooking for a rookie chef!

    Art of cooking for a rookie chef!0

    “Eating is a necessity but Cooking is an Art” This is for all the rookie chefs out there who are currently working on their cooking skills and who live to cook, feed and eat. I found my first love (cooking) at the age of 10. That is when I started cooking teeny-weeny dishes for myself.

  • You can live till 90 with Diabetes

    You can live till 90 with Diabetes0

    For overcoming any kind of struggle in your life,there must be a hint of confidence within you to fight and withstand the hard times.The same philosophical method applies for fighting with diabetes, it’s more of mental disease these days according to research being carried out all over the world. When a person gets diagnosed with diabetes

  • Every student’s plight- To stay awake in post-lunch sessions!

    Every student’s plight- To stay awake in post-lunch sessions!2

    I’ll be honest! I wrote this article when I was sitting in my class after lunch. Trust me when I tell you that it doesn’t matter which subject is being taught but if you really did have a hearty lunch which was followed by a class session immediately, you’re kind of screwed. There are three

  •  7 Steps towards a healthy body

     7 Steps towards a healthy body0

    See, one of the major differences of being in your late twenties is that your metabolism suddenly slows down. No, I am not saying this from my personal experience, I am NOT on the wrong side of twenty and I can definitely wolf down a dozen pancakes without overnight bulges in all the wrong places


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