• Thank that special someone in your life!<3

    Thank that special someone in your life!<30

    This article is solely meant for that special someone in my life. Before getting started about the love of my life, let me give you a gist of my intro. I’m just an occasional writer with merely sufficient skills. In fact, writing something like this is pretty new to me but the reason why I took this

  • One True Love

    One True Love0

    Up until now it was just love The crazy, stupid teenager lust My heart just knew the feeling of  your touch The warmth and fervor of your hug But now that we are oceans apart Living our lives, poles apart Our love still stands strong Inside my  tender heart! This love has found its true worth It is not just

  • For the foodie in you!

    For the foodie in you!0

    Who is a foodie? Now many of you may answer this question and the answer may vary from person to person. But the most common answer to this question is that a person who eats a lot is a foodie. And the truth is, it is not true. Now a foodie is obviously somebody who

  • Love Sex (& then) Ex

    Love Sex (& then) Ex0

    Love Sex and then emanates the ‘Ex-factor’. We dwell in a social world and mingling with other humans has befallen us as a pervasive penchant to our mere existence. We grow, meet people, craft emotions and a relationship is born. If humans are considered as the showstoppers of Almighty’s creation, the brilliance behind this creation

  • Music in every teenager’s life

    Music in every teenager’s life0

    “Without music, life would be a mistake”,these words were once said by a great German Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. Music plays an important role in every teenager’s life these days. It is available in various forms of genre like rap,gangsta,hip-hop,rock,metal etc have various impacts on teenagers. Each genre has its own dress code and attitude, which

  • A Liberating Truth

    A Liberating Truth0

    Tanu was drowned into her thoughts. The pelting of raindrops over the garage roof sounded akin to stones being thrown but it couldn’t garner her attention. Her eyes remained stock-still over the ornate cactus pot in the balcony.  Thorns of the cacti seemed to mimic the present situational quagmire she found herself in. Her muddled


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