• Oh Sunny Summer – Why so harsh on us?

    Oh Sunny Summer – Why so harsh on us?0

    The summer of 2016 has not just been the most sunny summer but also one of the most deadly summers of all. The reasons can be of many, such as global warming, pollution, some variation in space and many more. But this time, the heat waves have increased multiple times compared to the past. The

  • Lets go backless this Summer!!

    Lets go backless this Summer!!0

    This summer, get a new sexy look by exposing the skin on your back by going backless. Going backless has been a trend for many years but as the time goes on, nowadays celebrities tend to shift to other styles such as strapless, sleeveless or deep necks. But the evergreen classy look can be given

  • Pamper your tresses this Summer!

    Pamper your tresses this Summer!0

    Summer is a time of frolic and shopping, but it can also be a season of gloom and dryness if you do not know how to beat the heat. This is the time of the year where your body and hair can face a little bit of trouble if not well maintained. The most common

  • 8 places you should visit to do away with summer blues

    8 places you should visit to do away with summer blues0

    Summer – yes, it is too hot to step out of the house, let alone going to trips. But as the summer fades giving way to monsoons, we brought you the scenic and spectacular places to visit with your loved ones to make memories of lifetime. Yeah, we get it.. You don’t have enough savings

  • A hot summer’s train journey

    A hot summer’s train journey0

    Everyone can relate to this article. You’re going to find yourselves nodding as you read this just like a middle aged man who agrees with his housewife over everything (because she always is right… or so she says). We see a special range of posters right around the time summer is about to arrive. We

  • Going all vibrant under the sun

    Going all vibrant under the sun0

    Summer is the very season where bright colors pop around, especially yellow, orange, green and all the colors that you can think of. The very time to beat the heat and the very time you can think of getting out of your doorstep and say a big ‘Hi’ to the world. The season of shopping


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