• Love Sex (& then) Ex

    Love Sex (& then) Ex0

    Love Sex and then emanates the ‘Ex-factor’. We dwell in a social world and mingling with other humans has befallen us as a pervasive penchant to our mere existence. We grow, meet people, craft emotions and a relationship is born. If humans are considered as the showstoppers of Almighty’s creation, the brilliance behind this creation

  • Hat-trick for Sevilla! #EuropaLeague

    Hat-trick for Sevilla! #EuropaLeague0

    3rdsuccessive Europa league final and they definitely like to finish things in style. Sevilla claimed the Europa League for the third season in series with a superb comeback in Basel on Wednesday. The first half saw some brilliance from Jurgen Klopps’ side as they lead 1-0 at the end of first 45; thanks to an

  • What it is like to not be in an elite Institute ?

    What it is like to not be in an elite Institute ?0

    The aspiration of an ideal Indian kid is to make it to an elite institute like top IITs or the NITs, but the candour truth is not everyone makes it! I being one amongst the millions, urges me to write this! With the 11th grade coming to an end and the holidays which hardly last

  • Limitless Dreams !

    Limitless Dreams !0

    “Hopes ,charms and dreams are the profound building blocks of treacherous massacre “ We sail in a boat with virtual raft. Neither we understand nor the so called substantial “common sense” gives any damn signal. Born with intelligence that got turned off within seconds. Soon we started the ultimate urge for tech, money and fame.

  • Confusing Confusion

    Confusing Confusion0

    There are times when you have a single option and you have to either take it or leave it. All you have to do is to weigh the options on a balance and come to a decision. These are called simple times. Then there are times when you don’t have an option. You can think

  • The Wannabes

    The Wannabes2

    The gastronomical delights of sunday’s lunch lulled my Bengali mind into ‘bhaat ghoom’ (a small nap in the afternoon). Sunday truly stood by its name. With brilliant rays shining on the window panes, the sun’s maximum luminosity bathed earth in a dazzling brightness. Gone were those gloomy afternoons of Singapore. My heart pitied those head-bowed