5 Reasons why you shouldn’t take up a project in 3rd semester

5 Reasons why you shouldn’t take up a project in 3rd semester

Many opt for engineering courses either out of interest or by their parents’ pressure or some other reasons. But the first reason applies only for some students. And those are the ones who take up their first project under a professor’s guidance once they enter their second semester. Let us call them “LUCKY ONES” in this blog (no offense)

It is human tendency to develop a complex and it’s not wrong (that too when we don’t like engineering). But you need not do the same mistake again just like before. In fact, undertaking a project in 3rd semester without interest and passion means a lot of trouble.

1. You would have just entered your department and started learning the basics.
The lucky ones (as we call them in this blog) would have started their basics in 2nd semester or during holidays out of interest. So they would have a brief idea about their project. That’s not true in your case.

2. Explore your passion and 3rd semester is the best time to try out internships in fields that you love.
Though 3rd semester is hectic, we still can allot some time for our passion. If you still don’t know what is your hidden talent, find it out. Something can work out for you. Because, after that you won’t find time and there’s no use in crying over spilt milk.

3. Professors give preference for 3rd year students to 2nd year students.
Even though the lucky ones start on their project, the professor won’t be having much time to concentrate on their project. But lucky ones can manage even without their guidance. Can you?

4. If you badly want to do a project, start exercising on your subjects.
If you decide to take engineering as your career for sure, then reserve your future project for 4th semester. It’s never too late. Meanwhile, start studying and go for deeper understanding of your course in 3rd semester. Start attending workshops, symposiums etc.

5. Everyone has their own reason
Fifth reason is your own reason for not taking up a project till 4th semester. It maybe personal or anything. You can insert your own decision as last-but-not-the-least reason.

[My explanation for not adding the fifth point is that I have only four reasons]

Swaathishree K S

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