Engineering Mania – End of 001 year!

Engineering Mania – End of 001 year!

Windy morn catered with a heavy downpour. I was content yet pumped with thoughts. A whole new world was about to welcome me. Bit scared and highly excited I started my “Engineering“.

Apparently, day 001 went creepy .Missing my very first lecture, dozing while someone started with module 001 on very first day and also completed it. Lectures seemed some black and white movie with no action. Sailing along with 60+ classy studs the search for the captain started. Finally, I headed back home along with two new buddies. Jolly and sick just like me.

Months passed. One day suddenly notice board appeared so appealing, filled with colors and gloom. I just couldn’t resist myself taking a pic of it. The college rose from hibernation. Melody in air, classes got empty everywhere. Watching and enrolling our self in every possible event. Soon the much awaited TECHNO-CULTURAL fest named “KALANJALI” arrived. Dazzling ethnic boom with modern temperament took it to a whole new level.

That week indeed went fantastic. Life became chilled out. Alas, once again I ignored the notice board having semester end schedule. With no notes, nothing in the brain and totally unaware about the ongoing curriculum, I smiled. WhatsApp, Messenger, and FB became my favourite source for notes. 32 GB internal memory failed to incorporate the heavy data flowing in. How could my brain then?

That one month went very painful. With just one desire we ended our sem 001, to enjoy holidays. Last day of exam turned out to be our graduation day. Greeting each other, hugging and wishing good bye. Chucking all tension apart, I formatted my mobile. That feeling was awesome. Days of leisure were back. Movies, friends, games etc list was damn huge. Those were the most productive days as well. I conquered new skills networked with great intellects and figured out my destiny.

Day or night, there was no difference. But one particular night turned horrible with result nightmares. Checking and rechecking each time my heart rate became tenfold. Finally, that storm also passed away with minimal destruction.

College reopened! Sem 002 was at stake. Repeating the same old cycle of a rotten engineering curriculum. This time, I was more experienced, well known with incomes and outcomes. Matured to some extent which still my friends never believed, neither could I. All seemed organised, with new burning issues of attendance. Visit to HOD became mandatory, writing applications were integral parts of my life.
Today I stand at the very fag end of my first year. With an optimistic attitude, looking forward to new opportunities, working towards betterment and igniting the true spirit inside of being an “ENGINEER”.

Sayantika Banik

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