The Class 12 tautness

The Class 12 tautness

By the time I finish writing this, your class 12 results would have been out. Your results would have reached a place where even phone connections do not exist. Your parents would have either got you presents or saved that money to join you into a college that matters them the most.

Class 12 results are possibly everything to you. Really? In fact, you would have been listening to this absurd phrase right from your school principal to the old man next door whose Americanised son just kicked him out of the house.

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It is truly frustrating to listen to advises. Trust me. But when these words come from a fellow mate, it is just bakwas. I’m a second year undergraduate student and I swear on god that I will never advice a student on what to do, as my class 12 results were complete shit! Trust me I got 73.5% and that is something I am proud of. But how far has this lesson carried me is what matters.

“I failed my exams in some subjects but my friend passed. Now he’s an engineer at Microsoft and I’m the CEO – Bill Gates”

This result is not the end, irrespective of your course of study, there are wide range of opportunities awaiting for everybody out there. Be it a science student, a commerce student or even humanities, the world in front of you is wide open. Not all Science students are engineers and not all commerce students are CA’s and a few students like me who have no idea about what all this nonsense is.

So, the results are out. You knew how it would fare. Some might be happy and some sad. But, the people who are more concerned about your career are your parents.Each parent wants their child to be the best which in no way is wrong. No parent is satisfied with your score. Be it 495 or a 369 like what I got, your parents want more, but I’m quite sure that there is a silent proud mother and father inside each parent who is eager and anxious about your career.

I humbly suggest all my fellow mates out there, keep your parents know what you want out of this journey? You may laugh hard and question me – ‘What do you know about my parents?’ “ They do not get a single thing that I say?”. But yes, I do understand. Things are going to change and this change is coming sooner than expected.

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Soon you will be holding a degree certificate in your hand. Our mom and dad who are not happy with your performance today will tell the world that my child is a graduate, wiping their tears of happiness. And when you come home and run inside the kitchen to give her your first paycheck, the happiness is indescribable.Your father will possibly be the proudest person at that moment in the planet.

As years pass by, your personal front will lighten up. Someday, you will get married. You will have a family, a child and that moment you will understand the love and affection your parents have on you.

Coming to the present, all that you need to do is tell your parents and adhere to there words or make them understand what you want.

Eventually, on your way to work, a song will play which will evoke the memories of you bunking classes, being shouted by your teacher or your first date. Genuinely speaking schooling is a brief visit to heaven. I realised it much earlier and hope you do it as well and
To get this done ,

On your Marks, Get set and Leave your Marks before you Go!

Good Luck :)

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