Niche institutes surpassing pressure leading to Depression

Niche institutes surpassing pressure leading to Depression

What is the issue that causes depression amongst IIT Students?

The Indian Institue of Technology has been a premier institute in the country right from when it began. So, it is very obvious that each and every individual would want to be the best. With all this success at IIT doing the rounds, the only soft target are the students and is unarguable.

No one makes it to the IIT without having that burning fire. The reason being to make it into the Institute you genuinely need to be the best. The JEE tests now very gracefully made into main and advanced have students who prepare right from the enter middle school . So the demand for time and knowledge is surplus and the sources available are hit badly.

When you look at the IIT’s the real geniuses or the one’s who made it without the coaching centers are countable . There has been a widespread appeal and criticism for its excessive harnessing of student mind power and parents pockets. To counter this the IIT’s have tactfully added another aptitude test to prevent the pattern recognition. Is this a game changer in getting the right students or is it a gimmick?

The perception of the students is that the battle is won once admitted into the IIT’s. But the fact is that it is yet to start. The weekly assignments, quiz, class tests take a considerable toll on day to day life.

From simple aspects like socializing, can you imagine an Indian college going kid not socializing? Yes, this does happen. Irregular food and sleep habits challenge the students both mentally and physically.

The peer group at all stages of life has an impact on your life. College is a time where you get exposed. Some would have been lucky enough to get exposed slowly to understand what the world is outside whereas a few would misuse the freedom given to them. The students indulging in drinking and smoking right through their college days are increasing exponentially. This has a very negative impact on your entire system in and around you.

Then comes in the play of marks. There is a belief that marks are not the end of all. But the bitter truth is that, without a particular cutoff, even sitting for placements is hard. There is a point where students do not prefer and snob at these placement offers and at the end realize how effective these were if their thoughts had not been channelised in the right way.

Marks give the students a lot at stake, the kind of stress and headache that these students undergo for missing a grade by a narrow margin is unarguable. When it comes to revealing our progress to our parents, the pressure shoots even higher.

Parents send their child to a premier school with an underlined moto that their child should do well. But is it necessary that such hardship should be undergone? This question always remains a question mark.

If everything goes wrong, another easy way out is not ending life. Your degree might not give you food whereas the potential in you might even feed a million others. One of the most cowardly acts is this and at no cost will it be of any use to you. You not only end your life but also your parents.

With knowing that getting an admission is so challenging and the life after that will be much more demanding, the students still take these entrance exams in huge numbers . Students join these premiere colleges to be a successful and highly dignified person, but a few come out of patients from surgical wards. It’s high time that this needs to end. The only way out is to know who you are.

Abijith Mednikar

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