• What does coding do to an Engineer?

    What does coding do to an Engineer?1

    This article is specific to those engineers who have taken up computer science engineering && (pun intended!) who were genuinely not in love with coding when they started. Do you remember what it was like to be a beginner in coding? While coding a difficult problem, there are a series of thoughts which a programmer

  • 10 ways for freshers to get settled at a new place

    10 ways for freshers to get settled at a new place0

    Moving to a new place has become an almost inevitable part of the students’ life these days. Students moving to new places only for higher studies have become passé now. These days students have to move to new places even to get coaching for the entrance examinations for the various graduation courses (yeah, honestly! These

  • What is your fear? Overcome it to look beyond

    What is your fear? Overcome it to look beyond0

    When I entered into the final year of my graduation, I began to get initial glimpses of the so called highly competitive world out there, waiting for me to step out of the safe waters of school and college into the open sea of challenges and struggles, where the survival of the fittest is the

  • The Class 12 tautness

    The Class 12 tautness0

    By the time I finish writing this, your class 12 results would have been out. Your results would have reached a place where even phone connections do not exist. Your parents would have either got you presents or saved that money to join you into a college that matters them the most. Class 12 results

  • MBA in Germany

    MBA in Germany0

    Despite Science and Technology ruling the globe, a Masters in Business Administration is in no way lagging behind. This MBA has developed to be an individualistic, maverick and a liberated degree. It has established a coherent link between practical and theoretical knowledge. Similar to India, Germany has divergent ways to obtain an MBA degree. A full time


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