• Prayaga Rose Martin’s Perfect Start In M’town

    Prayaga Rose Martin’s Perfect Start In M’town0

    As Prayaga Rose Martin makes her debut in a Malayalam film, she shares her enriching experience and her further plans in M’town. The beautiful model turned actress is also a student in St. Teresa’s College, Kochi. Her first project was a great success – ‘Pisasu’, the horror Tamil flick directed by Myshkin. She talks about ‘Pisasu’

  • What it is like to not be in an elite Institute ?

    What it is like to not be in an elite Institute ?0

    The aspiration of an ideal Indian kid is to make it to an elite institute like top IITs or the NITs, but the candour truth is not everyone makes it! I being one amongst the millions, urges me to write this! With the 11th grade coming to an end and the holidays which hardly last

  • Confusing Confusion

    Confusing Confusion0

    There are times when you have a single option and you have to either take it or leave it. All you have to do is to weigh the options on a balance and come to a decision. These are called simple times. Then there are times when you don’t have an option. You can think

  • Obsession Overloaded

    Obsession Overloaded0

    We, the humans, are the most magnificent creation of God. Every superlative degree is awarded to us for our profound ability to exploit our neurons to the hilt. Our credibility though lies in our perception. We perceive every little thing around us with an outlook of utilizing it for the betterment of human race. Humans

  • EXAMS are not the dead end..!

    EXAMS are not the dead end..!1

    We breathe in an environment where day ignites with a spark of perception, runs on jealousy and finally ends with the note of bitterness. Competition has taken a toll on our mind and soul. Each year thousands of students end their precious life, under the burden of expectations. The stats reveal that last year over

  • Relationship with a Mentor

    Relationship with a Mentor0

    If you are a teenager of this century one thing you definitely need is a mentor. The global completion has become so gruelling now-a-days that what everyone wants, is fast productivity and excellence. And excellence not only in the field of studies but various co-curricular activities like dancing, singing, sports and so on. They are a


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