• What’s up with this ‘Intolerance’?

    What’s up with this ‘Intolerance’?0

    There has been quite a social media stir after Aamir Khan had spoken about the intolerance against the various religious groups that has been happening for quite a few years now. So, there have been two things that were intolerant yesterday. One that Aamir was referring to and another was our intolerance towards what Aamir

  • 7.5His last appearance as 007, Spectre. Best Ever?

    His last appearance as 007, Spectre. Best Ever?1

    The name is Bond, James Bond Being an avid James Bond fan that I am, I watched his latest flick “Spectre” on the second day of release as I couldn’t get tickets on the first day. Daniel Craig’s last was supposed to be the best of the 007 series. But Sam Mendes got over-enthusiastic and put

  • Shahrukh Khan – Naam tho suna hoga!

    Shahrukh Khan – Naam tho suna hoga!0

    Shahrukh Khan, the man who has taken Indian cinema to an entire new level with his films, his knowledge and not to forget his wit. The star has celebrated his 50th birthday on Nov 2nd, and we’ll travel down the memory lane of SRK’s top hit numbers that has made him the star that he is


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