• The Maestro Retires!  #Mexit

    The Maestro Retires! #Mexit0

    “For me, the national team is over, I’ve done all I can. It hurts not to be a champion.” Lionel Messi, 29, has retired from international duty after missing in a penalty shootout as Argentina lost a fourth major final in nine years. Messi has won eight La Liga titles and four Champions Leagues with

  • That Day, that Year!

    That Day, that Year!0

    1983 Cricket World Cup Final 28th June – 1983, no Indian can ever forget this day! It is the day when India won the World Cup for the first time by defeating the mighty West Indian side. The match was played at the Lords cricket ground. This was the third consecutive world cup final appearance

  • Pro Kabaddi Season 4!  #LePanga!

    Pro Kabaddi Season 4! #LePanga!0

    Kabaddi..Kabaddi..Kabaddi… These are the words of every Indian before the start of Pro Kabaddi League season 4. And what a hit PKL has been over the years, everyone has now started taking interest in this Indian sport and many International leagues have begun to promote kabaddi all over the globe. This League has promoted Kabaddi

  • Ouch!! That Hurts!

    Ouch!! That Hurts!0

    In sports, players usually control the ball either by throwing it, catching it or kicking it. But there are two special situations where the player’s goal is to simply get hit by the ball; when standing on the wall facing a free kick or blocking a punt in rugby. So what’s more painful, getting blasted

  • Saina the Supergirl!  #AustraliaOpen2016

    Saina the Supergirl! #AustraliaOpen20160

    When it comes to badminton and especially when we talk about Indian shuttlers then there are only few we can name and for the record only few have managed to reach the top. Saina Nehwal is indeed one of the very famous and deserving Indian badminton players who have always managed to grab attention by

  • EURO 2016!

    EURO 2016!0

    Waving colored flags We won’t surrender, there’s no standing down Love’s a playing field It’s full of winners, we’re breaking new ground We’re in this together Hear our hearts beat together! We stand strong together We’re in this forever! This one’s for you! This one’s for you…! Oh yes! You all got it right. This


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