• Beneficial Then Why Besmirched?

    Beneficial Then Why Besmirched?2

    She knocked my car’s window whilst I was stuck in the jam-packed road. A dust smeared body draped in a squalid saree, holding a baby in her arms and bearing another in her womb, requested me to buy jasmine circlets. She looked exhausted, yet bore a pleasing smile just to coax the travellers into buying

  • Plight of an unreserved category person…

    Plight of an unreserved category person…0

    Disclaimer: The opinion mentioned in the following article is my view on reservation. If you feel that you might get offended by such free speech, please do not read any further. Even after this if you carry on with reading this article and get offended, then blame yourself because I for sure warned you! In

  • A New Yet Sad Trend In India – Child Molestation

    A New Yet Sad Trend In India – Child Molestation0

    As I watched a Malayalam movie recently, ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’, I thought to write about the issue which the movie has depicted in a beautiful manner child abuse. The movie is a comedy yet a story with a tragedy. It shows how children aged 10 and below are being molested and killed, they are falling

  • Failing New Year Resolutions – Not a Big Deal!

    Failing New Year Resolutions – Not a Big Deal!0

    Guilt – the feeling just sticks to our ass all along the year because we know that we are not doing what we are supposed to do i.e. follow our New Year resolutions. You can stop being guilty my friend, because it’s completely fine to not follow your resolutions. I’m no God. My life is not



    The previous day I went to one of my known shops to get a sanitary pad, and to be precise, Whispers. The shop keeper was a man and since I didn’t know where the pads were kept I asked him a pack. The man fidgeted around and asked his assistant to get me a pad,

  • The Printing Machine By Kalki Koechlin

    The Printing Machine By Kalki Koechlin0

    This very video has been roaming here and there for a day in my news feed. I was both dumb and busy enough to neglect this and move to another stupid thing. But today morning I could finally pull sometime for myself and I looked through curiously to see what Kalki Koechlin is up to. Trust me, I fell


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