FRIENDS reunion – A visual treat to the fans!

FRIENDS, the most loved and the most watched among the TV shows till date. It was not just a sitcom but an emotional journey of six single people in the New York city. It has been more than 10 years that the last episode of this how went on air, but even today hundreds and thousands of people still watch this show and are madly in love with it. The most awaited, Friends reunion happened on Feb 21st, when the friends cast came together and shared the screen once again, to honor their director Jim Burrows!

Jim Burrows, the director of famous TV shows like Cheers, Taxi, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Will & Grace and Mike & Molly has achieved a milestone of directing 1000 episodes with the NBC sitcom ‘Crowded’. To celebrate Burrows’ achievement, NBC aired a special tribute on February 21, 2016, titled Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows’ featuring cast reunions from many of the shows Burrows has directed. And, that brought our famous five (minus Mathew Perry) from friends together.

Whatever may be the reason, the friends reunion served as a visual treat to the audience. Though there were loads of expectations hoping to see some of those wonderful memories from Friends TV show to repeat, this reunion seemed nowhere close to the show and went pretty flat! Absence of sarcasm, I mean our very own Chandler Bing, was very much felt not just by the ‘Friends’ but also by the fans. Mathew Perry, who was busy in London for his play ‘The End of Longing‘ could not make it to the reunion but sent a video to pay tribute to his director.

During the interview, they spoke/were asked more about the director and their favorite episodes. Here and there, we get to hear about their friendship off the screen. Jennifer Aniston said they wanted to hang out with each other as they liked it not because the show needed. The host asked them if they had to sign a contract to not sleep with each other – none  of the folks other than Lisa Kudrow has answered it. Also, Lisa mentioned that she had to audition for her role in Friends whereas the others were called for. One more interesting fact is that Jennifer was offered the role of Monica and Courtney as Rachel, but they thought it would suit better the other way round and switched their roles. How hard it is even now, to imagine Jennifer Aniston, not as Rachel – ‘No one would have pulled it off better than her’. Not just Rachel Green, each and every character of the series is perfectly made for them!

We love to see Friends reunion more often to know more about the times at Central Perk!!

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