HIMYM, the best romcom till date!

HIMYM, the best romcom till date!

A series filled with love and compassion, ‘HIMYM – How I met your mother’ has captured every heart across the world. A beautiful tale of our protagonist, Ted Mosby, who tells the tale to his children as well as to the audience as to how he met their mother. It is a story which shows the true meaning of friendship and love.

Let me introduce the amazing characters of the series-
Ted Mosby– Meet our romantic hero of the tale, our one and only Ted the architect, who is looking forward to getting married to the girl of his life. He is in quest of the “one” and dates many lovely girls, but something or the other always comes up. The eighth season is the time when he finds the girl of his dreams.

Robin Scherbatsky– The girl of mystery, the girl who is bold and beautiful, the girl whom any guy will fall for. A struggling journalist and a girl who never but wants to feel love; she is the exact opposite of Ted Mosby. However, she is depicted as Ted’s love throughout the series; but will she turn out to be the “one”, is a big question mark and is answered in the eighth season.

Lily and Marshall– Every gang of friends has “the couple”, and these are the 2 sweet love birds we will adore throughout the series. I cannot give a separate description for them because they are similar and you cannot call them separately. A sweet couple who dated for 9 years and are commonly known to each other as “Lilypad and Marshmallow”, an artist and a lawyer respectively.

Barney Stinson– Now he is the most “legen…wait for it…dary” character of the entire series. A filthy rich single guy who loves to hook up with girls and is a total love-hater like Robin. But will there be a twist to his story is what you have to find towards the end of the series.


HIMYM is a beautiful rom-com and is also a series which can be watched during family time. A tale of romance and friendship, it has moments which make you go “aww” at certain times. The story has a complete twist as to who falls in love with whom. The most awaited moment is when they show who turns out to be the one for him. Is it Robin or someone else?

Tune onto Romedy Now every Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm as it is still the season 1.

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