Jon Snow is alive but he is not back!

Game of Thrones - Preview of Oathbreaker(Season 6, Episode 3)

Disclaimer: No spoilers revealed, just mere speculations and observations!!

For all the Game of Thrones fans, it has already become crystal clear that Jon Snow is alive. But he is definitely not back. Yes, you read it right. As the end of episode ‘Home‘ revealed how our red woman Melisandre resurrected Jon Snow, nobody witnessed his wake from death apart from his direwolf Ghost (and millions of Game of Thrones viewers). There came too many speculations on his return. The strongest and the most popular one that circulated around the world was ‘Bran warging into Jon’s body‘. This seems quite convincing but we are not there yet!!


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The preview of ‘Oathbreaker‘, episode 3 of season 6 makes it even more evident that Jon snow is really alive and folks at night watch now believe that he is some kind of god! In one of his interviews, Kit Harington himself revealed that Jon Snow is alive and vented out how hard it is to lie to everyone from an year. So, Jon Snow finally confessed 😛 And he let out some more secrets to compensate for his deeds. In the very interview, Kit revealed that Jon Snow would not be the same after his return. When Melisandre asks him what he saw after death, Jon says ‘Nothing‘ (Seriously, what more do you expect from Jon damn Snow)

But, this sounds true! If Jon has seen death and there is nothing beyond, then there are no seven heavens and hell. And Kit says – ‘Jon Snow was never afraid of death and now he has seen it, he believes that he needs to be alive rather than dead‘. But lets not believe him, after seeing what he had done till now! However, lets cross our fingers and wait for ‘Ned Stark’s Bastard who knows nothing‘ to do something breathtaking for once (again)

Some fun facts/speculations

Kit Harington has spent the most time than any other actor on sets of Game of Thrones for season 6. Hope he gets as much screentime too!

Though the producers wanted ‘Jon Snow’s alive’ to be the top hush, Kit could not stop it from revealing to one person other than his family. The entire media was keen to learn who that special someone was! And, the answer was obvious. It was Rose Leslie aka ‘Ygritte‘, Jon Snow’s onscreen and Kit Harington’s offscreen girlfriend.


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There is another speculation, which is hard to digest but the probability of it being true are close to 1. What if I said, Jon Snow was not a bastard of Ned Stark? What if Ned was his uncle? Yep, there are chances that Jon Snow is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, which would make Jon the most desirable and rightful heir of the Iron Throne!

What if Jon Snow becomes a Whitewalker? Dumb yet funny!


Lets just wait and watch!!

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