How to impress a girl? – 101

How to impress a girl? – 101

Every week? Mmm.. Every day? Mmm… Every hour and every minute somewhere, someone would be trying to impress some person with something.

Commonly, it’s the guys who would try to impress their love, probably a girl if you are currently residing in Mother India (pun intended) with utmost sincerity, dedication, overcoming so many hurdles and what not.

A few of them could be these –

  • Pen down a Love Letter


Heart – Sounds magical right?

Brain – Totally, if only you were born in 21st century. Come on dude! This is the century of technological revolution.

Get her number and keep stalking on WhatsApp. Don’t miss a slightest of opportunity to complement her.  Tell her that she has a very thoughtful status even if it says Hey there! I’m NOT using WhatsApp’  and you are laughing out loud inside 😀 Or tell her how beautiful she looks in her new duck face profile picture though it irritates you like an Eega (The Housefly)

Why just stop at baby WhatsApp when mommy Facebook is already there? Add her on Facebook, doesn’t matter if she accepts / deletes your request. Follow her, if she has activated that option. Keep sending her messages – doesn’t matter if she doesn’t give a damn or doesn’t even know that a bunch of stalker’s messages are piling up in the unseen OTHERS folder of her inbox. If there are no bounds to your desperation then go download all her public pictures or share them on your profile **Be the creepiest creep, a creep could be and bombard her social existence


If your girl is smart enough and exists on other social media like Twitter, Quora and Instagram, do not miss that opportunity! You are on a roll, Keep Stalking!! (Grrr..)

So, after you have through all these incompetent activities, allow me to take the pleasure of telling you that THIS WILL NOT WORK OUT! Never!

Essentially and truly, the heart is right! A love letter written with pure love will have more warmth than these shapeless and emotionless 21st century stuff!


Rightly saying, this article should be named –

‘These won’t impress a girl- 101’.

Hang on to find out true ways of expressing love in the upcoming sessions, I mean articles.


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