Kakka Muttai – The feel good film from the slums of Chennai

This film set a bench mark for bridging the gap between critical acclaim and box office. The main credit needs to be given to Wunderbar films and Vetrimaran for their admiration, ability to get good films to reach out to the audience who keep evolving and appreciate good work instead of hard work.

The film is set at a slum in Saidapet and two boys ‘Chinna(small) kakka muttai (crow’s egg) and Periya(big) kakka muttai are two kids who love what they have for themselves and live a life full of happiness but things change drastically when a pizza shop opens in the nearby locality.

So, the boys set a goal to get a pizza and they try their ways out in all possible jobs to earn some money which is shown in a hilarious way. The various encounters that they face shows innocence of children irrespective of whether they are rich or poor.

Finally, they get a chance to enter the pizza shop after toiling for money and they get beaten up by the shop’s supervisor.  This scene gets captured by a few boys hanging out at the shop. The video goes viral on the net and the news and the shop is in deep trouble. Then, the owner of the shop decides to invite the kids to the shop and they get a grand welcome and they are in deep awe.

They get an assurance that they will be treated in a better manner and get free pizzas whenever they want. The boys with great interest taste the pizza which indeed is a great achievement and a true reward for their hard work. At the end, one boy asks the other ‘ Do you like this pizza?’ the other replies ‘No, our granny’s dosa is way more better’ and they run off the shop.

To be precise, this move got a standing ovation at the end which had no superstars, no big budget, no big director but showed how well the audience adapt to films and appreciate it.

The debut director Manikandan has pulled of a ripper and his spunky and spontaneous dialogues look very promising and impressive. G V Prakash has scored the music for this film which has got the film move to the next level.

On the whole, Kakka Muttai is a very rare film that might well be the epitome of Critical acclaim and Commercial success. Films like this will be a big challenge to all the big budget films that will be hitting screens in the following weeks.

Watch and experience this spectacular show :)

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