Prayaga Rose Martin’s Perfect Start In M’town

Prayaga Rose Martin’s Perfect Start In M’town

As Prayaga Rose Martin makes her debut in a Malayalam film, she shares her enriching experience and her further plans in M’town. The beautiful model turned actress is also a student in St. Teresa’s College, Kochi. Her first project was a great success – ‘Pisasu’, the horror Tamil flick directed by Myshkin.

She talks about ‘Pisasu’ as well as her upcoming Malayalam film Oru murai vandhu parthaaya’
1) How was your experience with the first movie?
Pisasu was a great experience and a huge opening as it was directed by the legendary Myshkin sir and produced by Bala sir. I feel really happy and blessed to be a part of their project especially for a new comer like me. Myshkin sir was a great teacher under whom I passed with minimal marks.

2) Tell us about your role in the upcoming movie.
In ‘Oru murai vandhu parthaaya’ I play the role of a village girl named Parvathy around whom the story revolves. The movie depicts how she is the central figure and how she plays an important role in other people’s lives. I hope this character get into the hearts of people.

3) What difference do you find between the Tamil and Malayalam industries?
To be honest it depends on our perception and personality. I see movies through only one eye let it be Hollywood, Bollywood or any other. Every movie is a result of work and it is played on screen, in spite of differences such as language, culture, characters etc.

4) How have you grown as an actress as you shot for the second movie?
To be frank, this is a question for the audience. Acting is my profession where I entertain the audience and get my remuneration, so the answer lies in their hands. I am happy to be better and likeable by God’s grace.

5) Compare the directors Myshkin and Sajan K Mathew.
Myshkin sir is legendary, knowledgeable and he has groomed me as a person. It was a golden opportunity to work with him but I learnt more when I was shooting for ‘Oru murai vandhu paarthaaya’. Sajan sir is a debutant and you wouldn’t believe so because he was punctual and systematic; hope he has a great future ahead.

6) Compare your co-actors Naga and Unni Mukundan.
Naga is a good friend of mine and he is very cooperative and a new comer like me. We shared the equal amount of excitement and anxiety just like going to school together for the first time whereas Unni was very supportive and is really talented. Hope this movie becomes a break for him and that he reaches great heights.

7) How many scripts have you received so far and how many have you rejected?
I have accepted which all I have received so far. I believe I am a child of destiny because I believe no matter how much you desire or dislike something, if it is meant to be mine it ends in me. I am happy with my flow and I hope the audience love my selection which is my prime criteria as I select in their view point.

8) Which was the best script according to you and why?
Every human cannot be called the best as everybody has their own talent, charm and potential which creates their identity. Everybody is great in their own way just like every script. I love every script equally and respect its content.

9) What is your next project that we can expect?
I have 3 movies on my list –
‘Oru muray vandhu paarthaaya’- Unni Mukundan
‘Pava’-Murali Gopi and Anoop Menon
‘Oray Mugham’-Dhyan Sreenivasan

10) Secret behind your beauty.
(giggles) My parents.


A closer look to her personal tastes: –
1) Favourite colour – Blue.
2) Favourite actor/actress – All.
3) Role Model – Everybody since everybody has a unique quality.
4) Are you a believer of God? – Definitely.
5) A character which you would like to play some day? – Nothing, as the world is out there and what it has for me I will grab it.
6) Favourite book – ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and the ‘Bible’.
7) Favourite soundtrack – ‘Arikil pathiye’ from my upcoming ‘Oru murai vandhy paarthaaya’.
8) Hobbies – reading, watching movies, travelling and painting.
9) Favourite cuisines – Thai and ‘naadan’ (Keralite).
10) Favourite movie – All.

‘Oru murai vandhu paarthaaya’ will be hitting the screens on May 27th which is directed by Sajan K Mathew. Prayaga will be sharing the screen with Unni Mukundan as well as Sanusha.

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