Seth Meyers’s closer look on 2nd week of Trump’s presidency!!

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers, the American comedian, actor and television host is well known for his show, ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’. Lately, Seth has been taking on Donald Trump’s presidency in his ‘A closer look’ segment that airs on NBC. Like every person in the world, Seth Meyers too is worried about the upcoming consequences of the controversial new rules. This closer look sums up how rough has been the 2nd week of Trump’s presidency.

Seth Meyers opened up with the segment stating ‘President Donald Trump’s 2nd week in office is as chaotic as his first‘. This covers the weirdness of the week, beginning with the controversial travel ban to the bizarre calls with foreign leaders. But the funniest part was Seth’s take on Trump’s commemoration on the Black History month praising abolitionist Fredrick Douglass.  It seemed pretty clear from Trump’s comments that he did not only know who Fredrick Douglass was, but also thinks he might still be alive although he died in 1895.

Surprised by Trump’s comments, the press wanted to confirm with the white house press secretary Sean Spicer on the same. It was amazing shocking how even Spicer seems to think that Douglass might still be alive. This makes the world wonder about the fate of United Nations in the coming days. Keeping the comments aside, Trump’s bizarre calls with foreign leaders did not seem very appealing. Apparently, on a phone call with the Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, Trump threatened to send US troops to Mexico to intervene in Mexico’s war with drug cartels.

And reportedly that was not the only rookie call of the day for the President Trump. He blasted Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull over a refugee agreement and boasted about his electoral college win’s magnitude. Not only that, to add more impulse to the situation, Trump abruptly ended the call 25 minutes into it, which was expected to last an hour.

All these events make only the first three minutes of the segment. To witness more of the weirdness happening around, watch the closer look now. Try to stop oneself from bursting into laughter as Seth’s ease of enacting Trump’s accent comes up over and over!

Late Night with Seth Meyers – A closer look:

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