Loser & Okay with it

Loser & Okay with it

There are 69 boys and 4 girls in my engineering mechanics course. My class is filled with so many toppers, and knowing that, my self-esteem was already low. I tried studying, and was doing pretty well in the class. That made me want to study harder. The night before the exam I was so sure that I’m gonna rock the next day and I totally screwed it up! I scored 15/50 and it sucked. What should I do? Keep on working hard? What about the frustration; frustration of not just this one exam, of half of the exams in my entire life where I screwed up, of all the mistakes that I made, of the fact that I’ve made an emotional wreck of myself. Where do I find hope for a better life? You might say, it was just a stupid exam, stop sulking like a kid. And you’re probably right.

But we live in a world where people, teenagers, papas and mamas have lost hope. Hope that our lives lead somewhere. Sometimes, we think we’re just a statistic, most of the times we’re just an utter disappointment. And maybe we really are. We are losers. People who make bad decisions like vodka and weed, or who lives are a constant cycle of procrastination and frustration, who know what we’re doing but no matter how hard we try, we can’t snap out of it.

Guess what? We’re not able to snap out of it because, we can’t just “snap” out of this dull niche in our life. We’ve not just lost hope, we’re so much blinded by the fake glamour around us that we live in a delusion and have forgotten what having hope and being happy feels like. May be, I’m just repeating the same damn thing that you’ve heard everywhere. But if it’s everywhere, it just might be the truth.

I am loser too, so I know exactly how it feels when people don’t understand why we’re the way we’re are and how extremely annoying it feels when people say “if everyone can do it, why can’t you?”. To all those: have you seen yourself in the mirror lately?

Loser but Hope

The only difference here can be that I’ve kept trying to be a better person everyday. Do everything that I can to make today better than yesterday. And trust me, it’s not happening overnight, or in a week, or months, maybe it’ll years. I’ll let you know 😉

Finding Hope is the key to the bright side. I’ve described two simple ways that will make you wanna start finding hope.

1. Dancing mornings
Everyday when you wake up, the pending assignment or the examination or the meeting doesn’t matter if there’s not a smile on your face and your heart’s not beating loudly with energy for the day. Because, a life without these, trust me you don’t wanna live.

Losers can either be slobs (lazy) or ‘jad buddhi’ – their minds are clogged with a million thoughts or wrecks (addiction of any sorts) or all of these. They need energy, positive energy so that they can search for hope in their lives.

The ride to energy for the young generation is mainly plugging their ear plugs and music turned on its loudest. I’m very much against this. Because mostly the playlists of this generation include rap, or romantics. There’s nothing wrong with this genre, but music has the power to affect your emotions deeply. Trust me, you don’t wanna listen to ‘Rap God’ or ‘Hello’ or ‘Char Bottle Vodka’, in the morning. Your morning playlist should be filled with the most positively inspiring and happy songs. And listening to music is not enough, you’ve gotta dance with it. Shake your booty, throw your hands up, jump, smile, laugh, free your mind from all thoughts. The best part is, you can do this while brushing, taking a poop, bathing, combing your hair. The crucial part is your playlist, it should fill you with happy, positive energy.

Some of the songs that I recommend are:

  1. Maroon 5 – Sugar
  2. 5 seconds of summer – She Looks So Perfect
  3. 5 seconds of summer – She’s Kinda Hot
  4. Taylor Swift New Romantics
  5. One Direction – Best Song Ever
  6. Sara Bareilles – Brave

These songs are filled with energy that will make your heart crave for more positivity. At first, it might be for 5 sec, then 5 min, then  the morning, the day, day and night, and one day, you’ll get up and start searching for hope, because you’ll feel the need to be happy and positive everyday.

PS. Choose your own playlist though 😉

2. Love is right around the corner
I’m not saying spread love and stuff, that’s out of your league for now. But, you can start with stop hating. And yes, you’re a hater. You throw disgust everywhere you go. You’re frustrated with everyone around you, your brothers and sisters, and friends (if you have any), your teachers, the pigeons, your phone, your own face, simply everything. Oh wait, and your parents, especially your parents.

Here’s the deal: you expect your parents to understand you and accept you for who you are. Quite reasonable. But is that happening, my friend? Not in a million years! So now that you’ve a distinction on “accept someone the way they are”, how about you accept your parents the way they are – sounds  new, right? Well, doing the same old things didn’t get you anywhere, so you might as well try a new one.

find hope

Stop hating. Yeah, she’s totally stupid and he’s a jerk and your teacher should probably die and yea, politicians are a heavy sack of asshole. But baby, the more you think about it, you’re just clogging your mind with a million useless, degrading thoughts. These people distract you from who you should be – not an astronaut or pop star – but a happy person. And a happy person is not a loser. Because only happiness makes you self-aware, and with that you can fight the battle called ‘life’.

So to all those losers and wrecks out there, you don’t need anyone else to guide you. You’re your inspiration, find the hope and don’t give up till you do. And obviously, fuck everything else.


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