Hello Adele – Shut Your Face!

Hello Adele – Shut Your Face!

VH1 these days is on and on playing ‘Hello’ by Adele. It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon, I am a happy ‘single’ person. I switch on my TV and VH1 plays Hello and in the next 4:55 minutes I dramatically convert into a horror ex-girlfriend with my ex-boyfriend’s number on my dial pad, ready to make the call. I hate you Adele. And I am sure, all of we single people do. Hello is so high on emotions that it makes sure that you feel sad.

Adele and Cry

The song is undoubtedly beautifully written and the singer whose voice that we all love ruins it all. I had to turn off my TV because I thought she would never shut up. Now, we all know Adele – 10 Grammy award winner – and we all were excited for her new album. At least, I was. Some of the songs on the album are just not what we expect from a Grammy winner – or at least a famous singer.

Adele's Hello

All about Adele’s 25

Album 25 is not diverse. All 11 songs are sad. The album lacks good composition in most of the songs. The lyrics for all songs seem like parts from some sad essay.  Adele’s voice is good where lyrics are bad and bad where lyrics are good – Water Under the Bridge and Hello respectively. Here is a review of each song:

1.Hello: It is a beautiful song with absolutely beautiful lyrics and creepy video. Also, Adele’s voice will drive you mad – in a bad way. If you live under a rock and haven’t listened to this song yet – you can go back there, because under the rock is a better place to live in than in a world where you have listened to Hello. Hello is so relatable that every time you call someone and they don’t pick up, the song plays in your head and, who would like that? Adele has overdone it. Rolling in the Deep was about taking revenge on your ex but it did not actually make you do it. On the other hand even if you’re happily moved on, Hello makes you want to call your ex. The main and only problem with this song is the way it is sung.

2.When we were young:  Love it! This is an emotional song but is sung perfectly by Adele. Her voice is lovely. The lyrics makes you happy and sad at the same time. Hats off to Adele here. This should be on #1. I would recommend that you don’t miss this song.

3.Remedy: A slightly different voice of Adele mixed with piano – perfect for the ears and mind. Great composition.

4.Send my love: Lovely song, catchy lyrics and beautifully sung. The composition could have been a lot better. I would recommend people to listen to this song. But again, not Adele-level.

5.Water Under the Bridge: Poor lyrics; worse composition. Adele’s voice is the only thing that saves this song.

6.River Lea: This song is actually lovely and sad. Just not from Adele. It’s not her level. The songs feels like written and sung by some startup artist.

7.All I Ask: Adele’s voice is amazing, but voice is not the only component in a song. Team Adele needs to find some diversity.

8.Million Years Ago: It’s again too much. Her voice is so heavy and so is the lyric, just like Hello. There is no balance. The chorus shows some balance but the song requires to be sung differently. Overall, it scares you – so depressing.

9.I miss you: The lyric is emotional and good. But the song is overall just trash.

10.Love in the Dark: The chorus is beautifully sung and composed. The lyric is okay overall. The rest of the song (except the chorus) is poorly sung.

11.Sweetest Devotion: Maybe I am rude, but seriously, shut up. Composition is so bad. The song is so badly sung. The lyric is so much better than the other components in the song.

Overall, the album disappoints.


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