My first LOVE

My first LOVE

I opened my eyes and everything was black and white
All I could see was her faint smile
My angel gazed at me with her gleeful eyes
It was love at first sight!

She calmly listened to my nightmares
And shared all my moments of chuckles and screams
She fueled my soul with her constant presence
And drove me towards my fantasy castles

She held my hand through hurdles and tunnels
Her wishes helped me cross them all with vigor
Her never-ending love and  prayers
Are the reasons which make me a fighter

There are times when I am hard to handle
My tears and howls are scattered all over
She has the ability to listen to my unspoken sorrow
And guide me like an angel in disguise

She has always loved me beyond a shadow of doubt
And my love for her knows no bounds
She came in my life like a miracle
And still she calls me her little Marvel

She is the master of my emotions and feelings
She is my Queen of Queens
She is my God
She is my MOM!


And I love her now and will love her forever <3


Bhoomika Gupta

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