The Wannabes

The Wannabes

The gastronomical delights of sunday’s lunch lulled my Bengali mind into ‘bhaat ghoom’ (a small nap in the afternoon). Sunday truly stood by its name. With brilliant rays shining on the window panes, the sun’s maximum luminosity bathed earth in a dazzling brightness. Gone were those gloomy afternoons of Singapore. My heart pitied those head-bowed people walking on the roads amidst sun’s angry glare. I closed my window and picked up a Ken Follet novel, with a wish to peruse its pages till the stupor of bhaat ghoom conquered my eyes. I didn’t realize when I dozed off until my phone notified me of some messages, buzzing like a swarm of angry bees. Those heavy eyelids and that slothful body of mine wished to remain catnapping in the blissful ambience created by the recently serviced air-con. However, destiny had something else in store for me. The ‘Newton’ of my life (my scientist husband) whom I last saw drooling over some research papers, wheedled me to check my mails.

It was 4.30 in the evening, a perfect time to have a cup of ‘filter kaapi’ with my Mr. Iyer. The traditional tumbler-davara couldn’t find a place amongst my cutleries, hence the authentic ‘filter kaapi’ got served in an ersatz coffee mug. I sipped the hot coffee which left a frothy moustache and swiped my phone. Some appreciation messages, a piece of good news from a publisher and numerous companies declaring me a winner of a million dollars filled my screen. Amidst all these, a message in Whatsapp also popped up. An acquaintance of mine suggested me to raise ‘The Issues’ in my blog instead of penning some creative stories. He wished to discuss some ‘issues’ through my chain of thoughts. His words made me smirk and I was thrown back in time in excavating this (not so prized) person of my life.


Hmm!!! This ‘issue raiser’ is someone who spends 24 hours of a day relaxing in an air-conditioned room but wants to discuss about global warming. He is someone who doesn’t know where his own house hold wastes are thrown but wants to discuss about the scattered wastes on the roads. He is someone who keeps honking even for a miniscule traffic jam but wants to talk about noise pollution. He is a man who demeans the teaching profession yet wants to discuss about the failing education system of India. He is a man whose voter ID serves just as an identity card but opines on the botched political system. He is a man who never shies away from paying a bribe to get his job done but wants to talk about eradicating corruption. He is one of them, who does not respect the integrity of his own woman, but wants to discuss about rape in a public forum. He is amongst those who earn their bread in a multicultural ambience but denigrate the intermingling of cultures. Hilarious, isn’t it? The biggest sarcasm one can witness is when everybody wants to join the bandwagon of our sensationalistic media. I do not raise issues as I don’t think I contribute enough to solve them. I feel it is better to serve the solution to a problem rather than discussing on a public forum or over a cup of hot beverage. I would discuss the chasm of problems only when my contributions help bridge the gap. One who debates never solves. One who solves never discusses. Discussions reside with the Wannabes.


  • Bhoomika Gupta

    Hi Atrayee

    I like the descriptive style of your writing. Could never do that myself 😀

    I slightly disagree with the last line of your post here. I believe that until and unless you have a constructive debate, you cannot brainstorm ideas and cannot come to a solution which serves most of us. Debates are important. Debates set us to the path of solution discovery.

    • Atrayee Bhattacharya

      Thank you for your thoughts. However a writer writes with his or her personal experiences. And as you said a debate must be constructive first what at least I failed to see in the recent past.

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