Failing New Year Resolutions – Not a Big Deal!

Failing New Year Resolutions – Not a Big Deal!

Guilt – the feeling just sticks to our ass all along the year because we know that we are not doing what we are supposed to do i.e. follow our New Year resolutions. You can stop being guilty my friend, because it’s completely fine to not follow your resolutions.


I’m no God. My life is not perfect. I’m not always happy and most of the time I’m not satisfied. And just like most of you, I too break my New Year Resolutions. But I am not one to embrace guilt. So I figured out six reasons to not feel guilty about failing your New Year Resolutions.

1. You need Direction, not resolutions
Make a list of the things you want to achieve and read it every day – Fuck this shit. Believe me, you have no need to pressurize yourself with the things that you want. I survive on pocket-money and this is India, so Starbucks is quite expensive for me. Last year, I promised myself that I will go to there. Few days back, I was out with my friend and we went to Starbucks. We had a great time and I paid. An hour after that, I realized that was on my list. I couldn’t believe it! I went there without planning to actually go there, I paid without saving money in advance, and I enjoyed. It just happened.

If you have a real direction in your life and a clear idea of who you are, you will get all those small things that you want and stress about. Let me tell you the secret to finding yourself and your direction – start smiling from your heart. Don’t stop till you do and once you start, don’t stop.


2. Visions are not resolutions.
If your NYR includes “I’m gonna be a millionaire this year” or “I’m gonna win the beauty pageant” or “I’m going to be the kindest person” or anywhere near these, then you need to understand  that visualizing yourself as someone who you want to be is not a resolution that will help you.

The steps that you need to take to reach those goals should be your resolution. It will be hard to make sure that you win a beauty pageant. Instead, you can make a resolution that you will apply sunscreen every time you’re in the sun or maybe you’ll start bathing twice using a better soap. That is simple, will improve your skin, and is a small step towards winning that pageant. I know that this is very dumb. And that is exactly what I’m trying to convey. You don’t need to have a grand and visionary resolution to make your year better.

Your visions will always be in your heart and mind. Just make sure that you take those small steps you missed last year.

3. Because you love yourself.
This new year, don’t make any resolutions. You are awesome. Tell yourself that. Fuck everything else.


4. You don’t need to revolutionize your world
You know smog? Smoke + fog = smog. It is very bad for the Earth and us. Try to look through the smog in your life. Simply said: Get rid of everything that leads to highly negative thoughts. It might be some friend who always makes you feel bad about yourself. It might be your mom who mocks you a lot. Well, you can’t get rid of her, so try telling her how she makes you feel.

Small steps always bring about revolutions. Negativity and self-doubt will only make your year worse than ever. Clean your surroundings, your world will shine.

5. Change is always messy
You’re are not a screw up. It is the last thing you want to tell yourself just because you couldn’t follow a new habit for more than three days. If you really want to fulfill your resolution then keep on trying, it’s never ever too late to hustle.


6. Follow your heart
It doesn’t matter whether it’s the right thing to do or not, you’ve got to blindly follow your heart once in your life. Why not now?


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