Food , Love for which will make you read this post

The vagabond with food

Food , “There is no sincere love than love for food”,

truly inspired from this quote of George Bernard Shaw, my journey to the delicious world  has begun. An ocean of cuisines ahead to explore, a sea of sumptuous tastes to try, a mountain length of deliciousness to feel and a never ending culinary life.

Unlike the love one possesses for their fellow humans or things, the love for food is divine and special. This may sound a bit abstruse but give it a thought, can anybody survive without food? Okay, not the exceptions who can live on water & air, the normal beings? Well, the answer is a straight NO! Then why to discriminate the love for it, let us bring hands together for food-love unity.

Food scientists and lovers believe that the latter is a better and trustworthy companion. People who are in love with food probably don’t need a partner, becauseit is so intriguing, interesting, welcoming and happy-making all at the same time.

Not one but fodd has in-numerous pros (let’s not discuss about the cons for now). Have you ever thought, that you love someone so much that you can eat them up alive!? Well if you do this to people, it would be utter cannibalism but that’s not a problem in case of food, you can thrive yourself in your love and eat it as long as you wish and as much as you can!

Lavanya Tatikonda

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