It is high time to turn ON the ‘Beast Mode’ fellas!!

It is high time to turn ON the ‘Beast Mode’ fellas!!
Beast Mode:OnAsmitha Rajendran

As teenagers we are never really bothered about a healthy life style. All we love to do in our free time after college or during holidays is, sit on our couch and watch T.V or have a movie marathon with a bag of chips, a tub of ice-cream, a tin of coca-cola and all the junk food that you can possibly name. At this age we are ignorant idiots as we couldn’t care less about the health problems that even a teen can have due to these habits. But it’s time to wake up because “We are in trouble people“, teenagers are prone to many physical and mental health problems like obesity, diabetes, clinical depression and many more due to our normal unhealthy life pattern.

So we need to change our habits and try to get a little healthy by working out and eating clean. It will definitely be a tough job to call it, quits with our beloved junk foods. So let’s not break up with them completely as they are our addiction and love of our life. Even though they don’t care about us we give a lot of importance to them in our life. We need to change that routine and show them love only once in a while by eating them once in week or so.

Healthy foods to switch from junk food:
Apple with peanut butter
Cucumber salad
Home made fruit juice
Green tea
Pop-corn (known to be the healthiest snack)
Corn flakes
Banana dipped in milk
Sweet potatoes

We should even follow a workout routine which will just take 30 minutes of our lives. “Come on guys! we sure can spend 30 minutes of our life to stay healthy, right?”

Simple workouts to do at home. These workouts can be done 25-30 times in sets of 3.


Jumping Jacks



Jumping Ropes

(This has to be done once and hold on to this position for 1 minute straight)

These are some of the workouts that we can follow at home with a early morning jog of course.

So let’s be a little fitness freak and turn the Beast Mode ON.

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