Plan for a picnic – Yes, it is picnic day today!!

Plan for a picnic – Yes, it is picnic day today!!

If you are wondering whether there is a day for picnics, yes there is and it is today, June 18th is observed as International Picnic Day. The origin of this day is not quite notable but it trace back to the times of French Revolution and Victorian Era. During the Victorian Era, picnics are very influential social occasions for the young men and women to interact and spend time together in great outdoors. Picnics are more like a get together with your family and friends in a beautiful outdoor with pleasant weather and palatable food.

You may ask “Okay that is history, but why we need a picnic now?” I would urge that each one of us deserve to go on a picnic right away. Just think, in this chaotic life of ours, where every morning starts with a hustle bustle and ends in a haywire, what is happening to our personal life? Taking time out for oneself is becoming so hard, let alone for friends and family. But going on with the work at this pace doesn’t help much, it just deteriorates your abilities and skills, which in turn calls for a break. Break – don’t panic, this is not a holiday or a trip which empties your wallet and eats up your savings. Picnics are for a reason, they are short, sweet, lovely and nourishing all at the same time.

Picnics are very compatible and anytime do-able.

Romantic Picnic : If you want to take your valentine on a romantic date, take them to a romantic picnic because dine-in at a first-class restaurant is too mainstream to surprise your loved ones. Have a great setting planned for them, may it a beach or a sunrise or a sunset spot, picnics are always lovely.


Family Picnic : It is as important as work, spending time with your family especially with your parents or kids is always a moment to cherish. Especially when you are too involved in the work, taking time out for you kids will help them open up to you and share their happiness.
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Picnic with friends : Going out with friends can’t beat anything. The loads and lots of fun, the cranky & picky jokes on each other always enlightens your mood. May it be just a long drive or a brunch in woods or a small trek, plan for it soon before time gets busy!

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Here are a few things to do on a picnic:

  1. Plan the date, make sure everyone you inviting are free to join
  2. Make travel arrangements if you are going far
  3. Carry loads and lots of food because food is important
  4. Have some games planned beforehand, after all picnics are for fun
  5. Carry a first-aid kit, it may come in use at crucial times

Have a happy picnic..!!

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