Selfie Syndrome – The New Disease in Town!

Selfie Syndrome – The New Disease in Town!

What could be more memorable than a selfie when you see your friends after a long time?

What could be more absurd if you claim that you do not have at least a single selfie in your phone? At the same time, it is quite funny to see when your friends take a selfie just for the sake of changing their profile picture in a social website.

The word ‘selfie’ came into being with the advent of front cameras in smart phones. It was launched so that people could take pictures of themselves, or for a video chat. Gradually, it turned out to be a syndrome when people started clicking pics of themselves from different angles failing to realize that they look like themselves from any angle. Pictures are captured to relive your memories and not for the sake of just a profile pic. But yes, a profile pic is necessary as it represents you and your profile. These days you even see reality shows promoting selfies where the judges and the contestants take a selfie or maybe even somebody from the audience just jumps in and says- CHEESE! (Pun intended, because it is Cheesy!!)

Frankly speaking, there is no single day when you do not see a person taking a selfie. Selfies have become so viral that people literally take selfies while walking into a lift and while climbing a stair. People have become so addicted to selfies that you see their profile pic keeps changing every day displaying them in different environments or maybe with a slight tilt of their head or a duck face. Some of us even have a good smartphone with the phone filled with just selfies rather than actual pics. Basically the actual cam is not being used as much as front cam.

The only intention of a selfie has become for changing the profile and the only function of a cam has limited to just clicking selfies. The best place to watch and laugh at these are malls! The greatest example for this can be the largest mall in India – The Lulu Mall in Cochin. Once an old man was dozing right next to the McDonalds mascot seated on a bench and he was forced to get up from there because a group of students wanted to take a selfie with the mascot badly. That is the extent of craziness with the selfie maniacs these days.

However there have been situations where selfies landed people into big troubles. A major example for this was when a doctor took a selfie with the woman giving birth right behind him. He landed into a huge controversy. Another situation was when a teen wanted to take a selfie of himself and he failed to realize the presence of a woman behind him on the escalator. The lady noticed it and misunderstood the teen thinking he was taking a pic of the lady in the name of clicking a selfie as she was partially visible in the frame. There has been situations when people take pics of people behind them in the name of taking a selfie. So ladies, beware of that, because anything can happen in India. This is the extent to which people’s mind has dwindled. Another similar situation is displayed through a Malayalam movie – ‘Oru Vadakkan selfie’, where the concept of a selfie is being satirized.

It’s not that selfies are bad or anything. The only thing is that people at times cling onto selfies rather than the ones worthwhile. They fail to realize the annoyance it creates when a dozen of people try to fit into one frame. Of course you could argue by saying that is the fun part. It is not like you need a selfie for every step you climb in a mall or for every floor you visit or rather for everything you do. So take a selfie for memories rather than just for the sake of showing off you visited a mall or to change your profile pic, because no matter what the degree of the inclination of your head is, you will still look gorgeous!

Neeta Vijaykumar

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