Salt and Sand – An inviting tour to the Fort Kochi beach!!

Salt and Sand – An inviting tour to the Fort Kochi beach!!
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An ambiance filled with the salty scent of sea water, the hot sun smiling out to you and the soft sand being stroked by your feet is something which can be experienced, only on the beach. One such beach is the Fort Kochi beach which marks a place of history, liveliness and vibrancy. A time with your loved ones can be more lively and riveting in this golden panorama- be it a time with your family, kids or pets; be it with your soul-mate or friends; or even if you are alone.

The beach offers not just its picturesque view but also pleasant things to experience. A walk down the beach can be both soothing for the mind as well as makes you never lack out of any vitamin-D!!! If you are a person who would love to get a break from your busy life, just drop by Fort Kochi beach and take a walk. The best time to take a walk at the beach is around evening after 6pm when the waves increase and the breeze blows past your face making you forget the hustle-bustle outside. If you are alone, some of the things that you can do is experience a peaceful walk through the wet sand as the waves lash against your feet. You can either ponder or listen to some soft music and lay down on the sand and maybe doze off.

It’s not quite a lot but there are things that can be seen and experienced. First and foremost, there is a nearby park where parents can spend their weekend with their kids, or couples can take a walk around. Outside the park a lot of multi-cuisine cafeterias and restaurants are placed for visitors or tourists to experience tastes around the world along with the famous cuisine of Kochi-karimeen pollachuthu and rice.

As you exit the park you find a wide array of stalls selling caps, eatables, clothes etc. Some of the eatables on which you have to get a bite on is the spicy raw mangoes, spiced pineapple, salted mangoes or gooseberries, and the famous mulaku bhajji served with spicy red chutney. After spicing up you taste-buds, grab a chilled glass of sugarcane juice with lime.


A scenic capture from Kochi marine drive walkway


As you walk further, buy a hat, maybe some accessories and a bubble-blower or ice creams for your toddler or yourself and get set with your camera to click some memories. Some other things that can be experienced are a ride on a horse or a camel. Along with all this happiness you may also find a few stray dogs who may tail you or look around for a morsel of food while the beggars stretch out their mud-caked hands for a coin.

Visiting the Fort Kochi beach gives you a lot of pleasant recollections as you look back to that day some time later in your life and in the photos you may have clicked. Visiting Fort Kochi as a whole tells you about the land you are walking on and these stories are told by some of the museums and monuments here. If this is what you are looking for, do not waste a minute; just grab a pair of sunglasses and hurry up!!!


Neeta Vijaykumar

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