A walk to remember – In Cherai!

A walk to remember – In Cherai!
May it be the locals or foreign tourists, beach serves as a beautiful playground

As Kochi is known for its port and its famous Fort Kochi beach, there is also another beach which has added to its fame. This beach is known as the Cherai beach. A beautiful beach and unlike Fort Kochi, it is much more clean.

A place which is known for its vast beach and quietness. Cherai gives you some of the best ambiance for some quiet time. It is a beach which gives you the most quality time through calmness and peace. For nature lovers, it is a place where you hear less of people and more of the rhythmic sounds of the waves. A unique feel rushes through your veins as you walk through the wet sand. The breeze settles and relaxes your mind and is very different compared to the Fort Kochi beach.

Unlike Fort Kochi, as I mentioned earlier, Cherai is comparatively cleaner. The beach is also set far away from the buzz of the city. It is a small town where the ending is this beautiful beach. There are no nearby big star hotels like Fort Kochi, but there are definitely few shops and bakeries scattered around the junction, but make sure your legs are able to carry you around. Do not worry about that either, because you have a 24 hour auto stand at the start of the beach which can take you to the junction, but you still need your legs to reach the auto stand. This is because as said earlier, the beach is vast therefore you do not realize how the wind makes you drift away into your own thoughts and how your legs carry you till wherever it can. The only eatables you find in the beach are the famous mulaku bhajjis(chilli), ice creams, juices and water. You also find a small pearl shop. This is another big difference between Cherai and Fort Kochi- there are no dozens of shops in Cherai like Fort Kochi.


Cherai is usually crowded only during weekends and that too in the evenings. Now how do you get there? Board a bus to ‘high court’ from wherever you are, unless you get a direct bus to Cherai. Once you get down in ‘high court’, you get empty buses just to reach Cherai. Then it is a one hour smooth ride to Cherai. Since auto and taxi rates are cheap in Kochi, you can opt them too.

However, a bumpy bus ride does give you a different experience as you pass through many sounds and views unlike the other parts of Kochi. A great space for families, cool chill out zone for friends, a romantic spot for couples, and a peaceful place for some alone time. If you are planning for a dip, make sure you take easy wear clothes since the bathrooms are wet and not a great place on earth for changing clothes, unless you are in a resort like Renai, which is the best resort in Cherai, and one of the best in Kerala.



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